Sunday, September 28, 2008

Birthday Parties

Well this morning we had a "kids party" at Play Time Party Center. Charlie and his friends really enjoyed themselves! But I'm not sure who had more fun the kids or some of the Daddy's After the Party Molly, Dan, Norah, Debbie, Scott, and Sophia stopped by for a bit... Charlie had fell asleep on the way home from Play Time so it seemed funny with out him. But we had some nice conversation and we hated to see them leave. Of course Charlie woke up about a minute after the pulled away.

This evening we had a "family party"... sadly with a few no shows. We had a taco/nacho bar followed by cake and ice cream. Charlie had a great time playing let's get my finger's in the cake before we eat dinner. He also enjoyed putting his birthday money in his bank I bet next year we won't get him to do that!

Biggest changes since last year... he was really into blowing out the candle this year and after blowing it out would say "more candle". Charlie also discovered the fun of unwrapping gifts.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Birthday Celebration's begin!!

Well the celebrations are under way! Started out but
Moppy and Daddy singing happy birthday to Charlie
when he woke up this morning then Moppy watching
the clock till the exact minute when Charlie was born
then singing again and tickling Charlie. Then opening
a box that came in the Mail from Aunt Michele,
Uncle Tim,and Timmy!

Followed by dinner, gifts and cake with Charlie's Great Aunt Rhonda and Great Uncle John. Oh and Charlie skipped his nap today so he fell a sleep at dinner but I had daddy wake him at 6 so he would sleep tonight... Tomorrow is a busy birthday day!


Today my baby boy is two!! Two years ago today we were just getting in the car at this time to head to the hospital... My water had broke at 3 AM... When I told Chaz he said wake him in a couple hours. We did lay in bed but once the contractions started we both got up to get some things done. Charlie was early very early so we weren't ready at all! I needed to pack a bag for the hospital. Chaz had to send out some notes for work. After packing I also got online and paid bills. We finally called the doctor about 6 AM and he said head on down to the hospital

I remember the day before asking Chaz did he think we were getting cheated out of some of the surprise by having to have the c-section... not getting to experience the water breaking and the rushed drive to the hospital. Guess Charlie heard and want to give me the full deal!!

Love Today and Always,
Moppy and Daddy

Last year I went though my picture's and pick
one for each month for a year in review well
here is year this years....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Itty-bitty teeny-tiny TICKS!!

Well Last evening we decided to drive out to Troy and go to Cuivre River State Park for a hike. We hiked a trail called Turkey Hallow. We seen some berries that we had never seen before, mushrooms in all different color's (white, red, orange, tan, and yellow), and four deer. We enjoyed the hike very much! Came home ate dinner and then put Charlie in the bath. As I was washing his hair I noticed these itty-bitty spots he never had before and then remembered our hiked with friends at Busch Wildlife Area, where I seen those same itty-bitty spots that were TICKS!! Well I then notice a couple of spots on me that aren't normally there. Alerted Chaz and then we begin the Tick removal. Charlie had 14 that we removed and I will be checking him again!! I had 5, and we didn't find any on Chaz. I can believe how small they are! Think of the size of a needle point needle tip that how tiny they are!
Besides the ticks it was a very nice hike and I love that park! We will go back but with bug spray!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

If your wondering...

Charlie is in our bed sleeping, No go on going down in his own bed alone. But I think it will become the nap time routine.

Holy Crap...

Well today we had a play date here since daddy has class this week. It Was great I love having people over and it is nice to let the kids play and we can just talk.

Well after everyone left I was picking up and Charlie was laying on the couch watching Caillou, then at 1 we went to lay down well he wouldn't quit messing around so I told him if he didn't lay down he was going into his bed and going to sleep well he ended up in HIS room in HIS bed, and messed around some and I had to send him back once... but he went to sleep in HIS bed ALONE!!! No tears no drama , But when I when to check on him he had messed his pants and I didn't want him to nap in poopy pants so I changed him he woke up for just a second and gave me a huge smile.

I can't beleave it... so I think I will try it again tonight at bed time.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today we picked up Katie and Miranda and headed to the Magic house, which in case anyone is wondering has dropped the age that you pay for, now 1 and up is full price. This was the second time Charlie has been there but he was allot more into it this time! His favorite thing was the fishing but he kept kid of slinging the rod around and I was afraid he was going to hurt someone so we had a bit of a fit when I made him move on. I did get a bit ticked when they would let him walk the Lewis and Clark trail for his safety because he wasn't 5! If your not allowed to do everything then I don't think you should charge the full price.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Yo Ho and a bottle of Apple Juice

Today is National "Talk Like a Pirate" Day... Our friend Emily hosted a play date at Dames Park. She had games, sticker, hats to decorate and these wonderful chocolate covered frozen bananas that she added sail's to to make them into pirate ships... very cute and very yummy. Charlie ate his chocolate off with great precession leaving the banana fully intact!

Unfortunately both my camera's decided to run out of juice at the park so I didn't get many picture but have friends who will be emailing more soon!

Thank Emily!

Better days.. but little sleep for the weary..

Well the last few days have been a whole lot better then Tuesday. We haven't had any melt downs, but it seems like it has been a hard week for many of our friends also. So I'm sure it is the age group. But the earlier to bed hasn't help we have been up and down at night and getting up very early. It only 6:30 and we've been up for an hour and a half already. I sure hope Charlie goes back down for a little while soon so he isn't sleepy and crabby for the "Talk Like a Pirate" play date at the park.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So far so good...

Today has been a whole lot better then yesterday!! We went to the park for the Mini Olympics! Our Friends Debbie wonderful Ideal! We had a great time, Picked up some BK on the way home, ate, Charlie took a bath (he got a little dirty at the park) and Charlie is now napping.

Early to bed Early to Rise!! Then back to bed...

Well I don't think the earlier to bed help ... but I think we will try it a few more nights before we give up. Put Charlie to bed at 8:07 he was asleep but 8:23 then up at a few minutes before 3 till 5:30 then back up at 8.But when he woke up at 3 we laid in bed till about 4:20 then his diaper leaked some so I changed him and he didn't want to go back to bed, I think he may of been a little hungry because we both ate some cheese and I did let him watch some Curious George. He had a bit of a fit when we went back to bed but he was out in under 5 minutes.
Here's to a good melt down free day... I asked him if he wants to go to the park today he said yes so we'll see what happens. Hope your day is wonderful!!!
Happy Birthday Ryan!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Melt Down'ssssssssssssss

Well lately Carlie has been one melt down after another... I am hoping and praying that this will be a very short phase! Not sure if it is he's turning two, or if his 2 yr. molar's are coming in and he just not himself, or maybe he was just wore out lately...
Today we went to a play date at his friend Carter house and he just didn't listen or play well with other's today, First he opened the bubble's and dumped them all over the deck, then we were all going down stairs and outside to play and he just had a melt down, once outside he tipped the tent over then we were making bird feeders with pine-cone and Jen was putting the bird seed in the water table and Charlie was just throwing and pushing it out all over the ground, then trying to rip toys out of other's hands. I decided I had enough when he took off up stairs and was throwing a fit when I asked him to come back down and play with the other's he wanted no part of it so I asked him if he wanted to go down stairs and play or leave he said leave so we did! Once in the car he is telling me "Me go play Carter's" .... But I couldn't go back after I made it clear he had two options and he had picked to leave.

On the way home I wanted to stop at this teacher/home schooling store and Charlie just laid his head on my shoulder when I took him out of the car and then fell asleep. He had slept well last night... but I guess he needed it he was out for 3 hours!

This afternoon was a little better but I bet we had at least one melt down an hour.

I decided we are going to try and put him to bed earlier and see it that helps, bed time has been 9 for a couple of months now but I moved it to 8 tonight, sure hope we're not up at 4 AM !!! He had a fit when I said it was bed time but he was asleep in like 15 minutes.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese and My Gym Today...

This morning we met Norah (and her Mommy Molly) at Chuck E. Cheese before My Gym. They had never been to Chuck E Cheese before! Charlie and Norah get along nicely and I really Enjoy talking with Molly! Charlie fell asleep on the way home,so I decided to do some laundry and bake some cookies (bought a tub of dough at Costco), Well I finally figured out why my cookies are always bad after the cool... I always try to get them a nice golden brown but I shouldn't!! The edges should just be golden brown because the color comes as the cookies cool!! Duh!! Maybe I can make some decent cookies now!

The photo's are in...

Last week we had a Mini shoot with Stacey and the picture's are ready to view. I love the one of Charlie in the barrel with his arms crossed!! They are all very cute now to decide which one's I have to have!! Charlie is not an easy subject to shoot and I really like that Stacey just followed him around and caught him being himself.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Terrible Two's

We have 376 days - 11 hours - 9 minutes - and 39 seconds until Charlie is out of the terrible two's phase!!!

I sure hope I survive!!!

All of a sudden my sweet loving boys is a BRAT who screams and cries at the drop of a hat.

Find out how long until you are out of the Terrible Two's phase... here

Saturday, September 13, 2008

On The Move

Parents as Teachers hosted an event today that had a
variety of vehicles that kids could climb in and
explore. This was right up Charlies alley and Daddy
had to pry him out of more then one. He figured
out how to turn on the lights of the Police SUV
which the DARE officer said was OK until he turned on the Radio then she said he had to get out. I think he like the sweeper truck the most because they said he could flip the switch's and turn the knobs and just let him do whatever he wanted. Next would be the fire truck. But sadly I didn'tfind the Dare Office or Firefighters to be very interactive with the kids. The Dare Lady just kinda stood there and the firefighters werestanding in front of the truck away from the kids just talked the two of them.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Moppy's Night Out!

I am going out tonight!! Meeting friends from the MeetUp Group at Chevy's for dinner and drinks!! I asked Chaz if he would drive me and pick me up...(just kidding) but he said he would. I told him no I would just have one drink and then drink pop. Then next week I am also going to a "Mom's Night In" hosted by my friend Debbie.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


You work and work to get a post to look just the way you want it and that's never how it turns out once you hit the PUBLISH button!!


We love to go hiking at Quial Ridge Park, here is a really nice foot
path though the woods along side Peruque Creek. We didn't get
to walk much tonight because it started raining.


Links I found Interesting about today's History:,_2001_attacks

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wonderful Weather!!

The weather has been just wonderful
lately... Wish it would stay like this year
round high 60's low 70's. It has been so
nice going to the park and actually
being able to enjoy it.

Weird Conversation

Last Night I was sitting here messing around on the computer and Charlie comes over and tells me "I go to Doctor"

Me- what

Charlie- I go see doctor

Me- Why do you need to go to the doctor?, are you sick?

Charlie- Hurts?

Me- What hurts?

At this point he puts his finger in his mouth.

Me- Does your month hurt? Do you need some medicine?


I think his molar's are trying to come in.

Construction Vehicle

Well a few months back we picked up a Bobcat/Loader for Charlie at a yard sale it needed a battery and we finally picked one up here's the first ride...

Charlie's way...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Busy Morning...

Well yesterday morning was pretty busy....I downloaded picture's from Norah's party, made some gift Cd's, we went to Faust Park to play and have some photo's done by Stacey, then off to a hour class at My Gym. I packed a cooler with turkey, cheese, yogurt, drinks with it being a running morning, which worked out great after my gym Charlie ate his lunch on the way home. Next week we are going to meet Norah and Molly at Chuck E. Cheese before class.

I really can't wait to see all the picture's, Stacey put a peek up on her blog and all the kids look very cute!!

Today we are going to lunch at a place called Moe's with our Meetup friends.

Things Charlie is saying today:

I go to Granny's, Now (granny's is in Michigan and I don't think
Daddy would let us go today!)

Whats that

What happened

Monday, September 8, 2008

Norah's Birthday Party at My Gym

Well we took some time off from My Gym... But Charlie's frined Norah had her birthday party there yesterday afternoon and starting today we are going back on Mondays at 11:45!! Charlie said he wants to go back and I really miss seeing Molly (Norah's mom) and Renne (Kyler's mom).

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lions,Tigers, and Bears... St.Louis Zoo

Today was a beautiful day since Chaz had work to do I went and picked up Katie and Miranda and we headed to the Zoo for the afternoon. With highway 40 closed it takes a little bit longer to get there, last time it was like the GPS knew and took me a good detour route today no such luck!! But once we got there is was nice it was very very busy today I was shocked how busy it was, we lucked out and just as we were pulling up they were taking down the "South Lot Full Sign" It was only 76 today and just a great day for the zoo, check out some of our pictures...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

hey what's cookin' good lookin'

Today I asked Charlie to help me fix dinner, yes it was to distract him because Daddy had to go back down to work. He poured all the ingredients into the baking dish and mixed them up! He was great help and was having fun. I don't want to make him a sissy but I don't know any girl that wouldn't love a guy that can cook!! I hope this is just the first of many times Charlie wants to help me in the kitchen.

Rain Rain go away....

Well it's another rainy day here in Missouri, along with the rain it is unseasonably cool... not that I am complaining about that. I think I may be finally winning the battle with my cold, still feeling pretty run down and my nose is still stuffy but I feel like tomorrow will be a much better day. Charlie is down for his nap after along morning...had to get Buddy to the vet by 8 this morning (shots, teeth cleaned, and grooming) couldn't sleep last night, and then the power was out for an hour and half this morning. Charlie was not happy about that and we were trying to explain that the TV wouldn't work and the lights but he was just upset. So I guess I'll do some laundry and pick up some toys. Till I post again...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Daddy's Little Slugger

Playing in the Rain!!

OK so your suppose to come in out of the rain, but with our
colds we are getting cabin fever and I figured what could
it hurt if we played in the rain a bit! Daddy was
sleeping and of course hewakes up as we are coming
in from playing.... Busted!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Favorite Toy

Charlie doesn't have a lovey or blankie he likes to carry but he does seem to have a toy that is his

February 2007

August 2008
Out of nowhere he will go
dragging it out to play with.