Saturday, December 2, 2017

Santa 2017

So last night Evie and I attended the Night of 1000 lights or stars. One of the things they had was Sants in the log cabin that sits up on Main street. As we walked up I saw a HUGE line and thought well there goes our night. But Evie didn't want to get in line and see Santa. She wanted to go see the live nativity. So we did and then we walked down the street some and who did we come upon but Santa making his way down the street to the Log cabin. Boy Evie jump in my arms and wanted nothing to do with Santa.  Which is completely different than her reaction last year, last year we arrived at the mall to find not another soul around to see Santa, which meant all the time we wanted with Santa. So she sat on Santa's lap and they walked around hand in hand looking and talking about the different parts of the Santa's display. I wish I could have taken picture's but they have strict rules when visiting Mall Santa's that you can not take personal pictures! So you can see why  I was not expecting a negative reaction. Oh and last week she made a big deal about needing a Christmas dress and we went and picked one up at Kohl's       So today was donuts with Santa at Evie's Preschool and she was not going to sit on Santa's lap unless her big brother held her hand.   That meant Charlie you have a mission, get your sister to on Santa's lap...... 
Mission completed son, THANK YOU!!