Friday, July 31, 2009

Six Flags

Today we joined Molly, Dan, and Norah for a tip to Six Flags, followed by a late lunch on the way home. We had a very nice day!!

St. Charles County Fair

Last night we enjoyed some family time together at the St. Charles County Fair. We had a nice time.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bugs, Worms, and Amphibians oh my...

Charlie love's catching bugs and has always picked up worms (alive or dead). Well this evening Charlie caught his first frog, up until tonight he wanted nothing to do with them! This evening we went over to Indian Camp Creek park and played in the water, this little frog was jumping around. Well Charlie had to get a closer look and caught him.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Yesterday Charlie and I enjoyed some time at the Zoo with Molly and Norah. With our travels we haven't be able to see much of them. Even with waking up very early Charlie was on good behavior, it was a wonderful day! It was a hot day so Charlie was happy he was able to play in the water play areas. We did have one little snag in the day... the Zoo has a new stingray petting area, well Moppy was trying to help Charlie pet them and the water was just a little deeper then Charlie arm is long and I kinda pulled his little face into the water.. oops

Before I forget ...

Things that we find funny that Charlie says these days.

What about me/Charlie?

What you talking about?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Charlie Riding his scooter

A few nights ago we were hanging out side with the neighbors and Charlie started riding his scooter all by himself. In the past he has just wanted to stand on it and Chaz or I to push him but he pretty much has it down pat now.

Mastodon State Historic Site

Last Sunday we planned to go to Grants Farm and having Lunch with Charlie's Great Aunt Rhonda and Great Uncle John. Instead of the farm we all took a ride to Mastodon State Historic Site.

Onondaga Cave State Park

So Last Saturday Charlie told Daddy he wanted to go see a cave so online Daddy went and about an hour later we were in the car headed to Onondaga Cave State Park. The cave tour was 90 minutes which is really too much cave for a two year old... we needed the 15 minute tour. It is a huge cave and I would recommend the tour! On the way home we went thought Washington MO and had to stop for construction on the bridge over Missouri river so I had the Chance to take some picture of the river.

Our last day in Michigan...

was actually spend in Ohio with Aunt Michele and Timmy. We went to the drive-Thur Zoo and a playground. Charlie wasn't as into the drive though Zoo this year he was having more fun climbing around the car. But he did Ride a Camel all by himself!

Then at the park is was just being a daredevil and trying to give Aunt Michele and I a heart attack so we made him go to the smaller playground!

Jungle Java -- July 14

A few months back I was looking for things to do on a trip to Michigan and I posted this on my Facebook Status and some of my wonderful school friends had some great ideals one of which was Jungle Java. But until this last trip Charlie and I had yet to make it there.
I planned a day for just Charlie and I and this is how we spent part of the day... let me say this place was great and we had a ton of fun. I hope on our next trip Lyssa can join us on a visit there!

July 12 -- Horsey rides turn bad....

Grampy was giving horsey rides but then ened up getting beat... sorry Grampy!! It was quit funny to watch and I wondered where both kids picked up some of their moves.

July 11 -- More Water Fun

My Monkey

I know he shouldn't be doing this but it was so darn cute I had to snap a couple pictures while I yelled at him... in the end Dee and I found that if we just ignored him he would get down. I guess that took all the fun out of it.

Wild Raspberries (July 10th)

My Sister (Dee) discovered some growing around the yard and the kids loved them!! Lyssa loved them so much she didn't want to share with Charlie and would take off running with them and Charlie would have to tackle her to get some. So while Charlie and Lyssa napped we went for a walk in the woods and picked more!

July 9th--Bronner's

After the Wilderness Zoo it was time for lunch Grampy want to go to Bronner's. Granny and Grampy love stopping there for lunch and then walking around. This was Charlie first visit, I have always wondered how it would go with Charlie in a store filled with glass ornaments and decorations... lets just say we had more good moment then bad and nothing was broken!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 9th-- Wilderness Trails Zoo

Well Charlie kept begging to go to the Zoo and after the disappointment of Deer Acres we thought we would try a new place Wilderness Trails Zoo in Frankenmuth, MI. This place it awesome!! I would suggest going on a cool day and wearing closed toe shoes but we had a wonderful time.

July 8th-- Deer Acres

Well those of you who follow this blog might remember last summer we took Charlie and Lyssa to Deer Acres and we had a great time. Well shortly after our visit the park was sold. We wondered what changes would come... first change and it's a HUGE one they no longer have deer that you can feed and they let just know this with a hand written 8.5 X 10 sign, they had many other changes which in my eyes were none good... oh but they did have a large sign saying no refunds! so we paid way too much money for the kids to play on a play ground.

Gladwin City Park

My sweet Girl Lyssa Lynne fell asleep on the way to this park but that might of been a good thing, the climber was kinda warped and twisted! Charlie had a great time climbing and running, I love the water fountain pictures!

July 7-- Charlie what are you doing?

Cleaning up this mess Mommy....

Just relaxin'

Charlie chillin' out watching TV before bedtime.


Charlie and Lyssa both LOVE playing in the water!!

July 5TH-- a walk in the field and woods

Sunday, July 19, 2009


To celebrate Granny's Birthday they hosted a BBQ for the whole Family, there were around 30 in attendance. It was a fun filled day!

July 3rd-- We arrive at Granny and Grammpy's

While I am carrying our stuff in Charlie finds the hose, turns it on is having a blast.

One of the best things up going to Gladwin is the out in the woods feeling! Charlie's Great Great Uncle Connie has some horse that Charlie and Lyssa love to feed. They are the same horse's he had when I was a kid and we would go up for two weeks with Dad. Here are a few picture's of heading over to feed the horse's but I didn't get any while we were feeding.

That day Charlie had kept saying he wanted to go fishing, so Grammpy dug up some worms (not easily found up there with all the sand.) then we headed down to his friend Tony's cabin on the river to see if we could catch something. We didn't catch anything and Charlie fished for about two minutes.

A busy First day in Gladwin!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's been awhile....

well Charlie and I went on a trip to MI and at the end of our week I wasn't ready to come home so we stayed another week and arrived home today... so look for many pictures from out trip to come, I filled one 2 GB card (around 1300 pictures)