Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Going out of town

will be away till after the fourth! Have a safe Holiday !

Well here it is 3 AM and I need to be sleeping, but I knew I wouldn't that's how it always is when I'm getting ready to travel. Trying to decide what time I want to get on the road thinking in the next hour. Going to shut down the computer so this will be my last blog for a while.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I took a big Step Today!!!

Last night my friend Jen called and left me a voice mail asking me to drop Charlie off for a couple hours and take some time for myself. Jen is Mom to Charlie's pal Carter, they get along very well! Plus I consider Jen a good friend. Last night at around 11 I woke up and listened to the Voicemail and sent Jen a note telling her I would think about it and would call her this morning. I mentioned it to Chaz and he didn't say anything either way... Well I thought long and hard about it and decided that I should do it, what is the worst that could happen and I have my cell phone so it's not like I was unreachable! We went over a little after 10 Jen had the pool out and Charlie was running around having a good time so I headed out. As I backed out of the driveway I had this nervous... almost sick feeling. I knew Charlie was in good hands, I had no doubt that Jen would take very good care of him and that the boys would play well together. It was just the first time I left my baby with anyone that wasn't Chaz or my parents. Then I needed to figure out what to do for the next couple of hours... I went to Kohl's I thought it would be nice to try on some cloths without Charlie trying to escape the dressing room. I ended up buying Charlie some new shirts and Chaz one too. I had all the fun I could stand so I called Jen to ask if I could bring back some lunch. She had Mac and Cheese for the kids so I picked up some subs for us and headed back. When I rang the door bell I could see in the window by the door (the boys were sitting at Carters table eating snacks) Carter came running to the door Charlie just sat there and acted like I had never left. Jen said he never asked about me and all went very well. I am glad I took her up on her offer! Thanks Jen!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yummy Pasta

Charlie' s favorite food Pasta and since he's not a pro at silverware yet it is also his messiest meal but it does give some great photo opportunities!!

Well Yesterday we went to yard sale and Charlie lucked out they had a little tykes climber, sand box and teeter totter he brought home along with a red rider tricycle. I will get some picture's soon.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rough Day

Today wasn't one of our best days Charlie was just in a odd mood... First he didn't eat his muffins this morning he just smashed them then an hour later asked for more and also smashed them. We had a Play date at Jenn's house to celebrate Logan turning two, We were playing out side and all Charlie wanted to do was go inside, then when it came time to go in to sing Happy Birthday and eat cake he wanted to be outside. Shortly after that he decided it was time to go home I thought he would fall asleep on the way home but nope. When Daddy was ready to go get lunch so we head out for some Mexican then Charlie fell asleep I decided we will wake him and then hope he will fall back a sleep after lunch no such luck and he was crabby and didn't want to play didn't want to watch Elmo or read books just no to everything! Finally at 3 I decided we would go to the post office and bank hopeful he would fall asleep in the car. Jackpot!! But then I woke him up at six so hopefully we won't be up till midnight. He was hungry which I could understand since he hadn't ate his breakfast or lunch he asked me for hot dog please so I made him one and gave him some oranges and cottage cheese and he asked for more of all but then Daddy went outside so he was done. This evening we went for ice cream and we got him a cone which he took one bite and then kept having a fit because we wouldn't let him run around the parking lot and climb the wall. But he did take his bath and is now sitting in Daddy's chair eating yogurt covered cranberries and watching Sesame Street... I just hope we're not up til midnight!!!

10:07 PM 6/18/08 time stamp is always 3 hour behind!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Went to the Zoo Today... I'm beat will post more later!!

Sleep please..

well I am having one of those night's, when you know you need to sleep and feel sleepy but sleep just evades you. I am going to be plum wore out at the Zoo and I just can't figure out why I can't sleep. Maybe in my subconscious, I'm worried I will over sleep. I found myself laying in bed at a little after nine worrying about taking this or that to the Zoo then told myself that was silly we have made trips to the zoo and been just fine. I laid down a bit ago... just about the time I relax the thought of ticks pops into my head. Wow those were the smallest ticks I ever seen!

You know you bored and tried when you just looked online on how to make a fruit fly trap and just made one!

OK I'm going to lay down again and hope for 2 hours of sleep! Sweet Dreams!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ticks Ticks and More Ticks

We went to Busch wildlife area for hike
and picnic today with Charlie's pals
Carter, Leah and Moppy's friends their
Mama's Jen and Sarah. But the only
wildlife we were able to see were the
ticks and mosquito's. for hiking on a
paved trail I never seen so many ticks!!
Tomorrow should be a great day we are
going to breakfast and the Zoo!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Recovery Time is Up...

Well I feel pretty good today!!
Yesterday I felt kinda loopy and after fighting with Charlie for over two hours to take a nap I joined him and took one too. When I woke up (4:30 PM) I felt much better! When Charlie and Daddy woke up we went to get some dinner then for some crazy reason I thought we should go for a walk in the park, I guess I didn't realize how hot it was out! When we got out of the car Charlie announced that he was going to play not walk so Daddy had to chase him down. Then we started walking and he again got it into his head that he was going to the playground and not for a walk. There were way too many big kids playing that I was afraid to let him go play on the playground so we fought the battle of no we are going for a walk not to play. Well we walk this trail that goes though the woods and when we came out there stood a deer. Charlie was tickled to see it and we were surprised when he ran towards it screaming that it didn't take off. Across the field was another deer and it seemed that they were both attracted to his screech's and screams. We watched them for a while then head on up the hill were we let Charlie swing....

when we decided it was time to move on Charlie decided it was time for a drink. Which Daddy happily took him over to the fountain, but once Charlie gets near running water he does NOT want to leave it for any reason so he had a fit and Daddy gave him another drink and then the fight to move on. We stopped to look at the pond and listen to the frogs play with some odd looking plants, pick a tick off my ankle and this and that. But finally making it back to the wondering what was I thinking...we are hot ,sweaty and my leg and armpit are now aching. Then the fun car ride home Charlie is demanding water which we do have some bottle in the car but they are hot, I take a drink of one and it is so hot I spit it out but he wants water so Chaz gets his bottle out of the door and tells us it's pretty warm but he can drink it. Well Charlie takes a drink and tells us it's hot but when I take it throws a huge fit so we give it back. and the he wants to peel the label and about spills the whole bottle so I take it and poor a little into an empty bottle and give that too him. Once home we do a tick check and then we get ready for bed. That was our exciting Saturday.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Birthday to Lucus!! ... Sorry we couldn't make your party.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Does History Repeat??

Well if my experience's with past surgery does tomorrow will be a bad day! I in the past have found day two after a surgery to be the most painful day, I think this is because day of your dopey and just lay around or sleep, day one your shocked how good you feel so you do way more then you should and day two your body decides to remind you that you just invaded it's space, now you will have to pay. I tried to take it easy today but I found myself picking up toys, doing dishes, taking Charlie down stairs to play, and I even cooked us dinner. Oh well maybe my body will forgive me if we get a good nights rest so I am going to have a snack, take a pain pill and hit the sheets. Good Night and Thank you for your well wishes!

After Surgery...

Well yesterday was an complete loss, I had allot more pain then I had prepared myself for and the nausea lasted forever. Hoping today will be better but I'm not going to hold my breath. Yesterday The knee had no pain and today it does. My armpit hurt very much and still is very sore. Chaz did a good job taking care of Charlie, a couple of times he got wrapped up in work and Charlie would come wake me up, but no big deal! Well I want to eat so I can take some pain meds.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

7 hours before I'm cut off...

I can't eat or drink anything after midnight tonight, I am having some minor out patient surgery tomorrow at 8 AM. Why is it once your told you can't have something you want it very badly? When I was pregnant the said limit how much fish you eat and I was never a big fish person but then I wanted it!! A few weeks back when I had some blood work done I had to fast but woke up starving that morning, when I normally don't eat breakfast or anything till about 11.

I am not worried about the surgery at all...But I will have to wake Charlie in the morning because we have to be at the hospital at 6:30 and then Chaz will have to get him breakfast and deal with him for several hours while we are there. I am hoping that I can function normally shortly after my discharge!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Last Year.... This Year

My baby boy has sure changed allot in the last year!!!
I am so very glad that I am a picture nut! I love looking back at all the pictures I've taken of Charlie in the past 20months. Not many picture of my childhood are still around, Nana and Pop had a couple of fire's and all their copies were lost and then a few years back Mom and Dad had a fire and that pretty much got rid of all our photo's Aunt Betty has some...well really Aunt Robin has them but they are in the attic. I hope some day I may get them so I can scan them and be able to show them to Charlie and hopefully my grandchildren many many years from now.
note: Central air is still broken, they are having trouble finding a motor.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Oh Mr. Sandman... Please bring Charlie a dream!!

It seems like today was a very long
day!!! Daddy picked up a second window
unit after the repair man said he couldn't
fix our Central Air today. That one was
installed in the bedroom so we can get
some rest tonight. They have
cooled the house down to about 78.

Daddy has went to bed and now I am
just waiting for the sandman to come
visit Charlie. I think he is lurking close by,
but you be the judge...

AC is broken!!

Well it is 85 in the house, Chaz installed a window unit in the kitchen and we went to grab some lunch so it could hopefully cool the house down some while we were gone. Well the Unit has a timer on it and unknowingly it was turned on so after running for an hour it turned off, but it did cool it off one degree in that hour. We now have the AC company working on the central air unit. but they have told us that they don't have all the parts that they may need so if it's more then something simple we have to wait till tomorrow.

I wonder how in the world we lived with out air when we were growing up, that was in Michigan so the humidity isn't as bad. I guess we just didn't have it, weren't used too it, so we didn't miss it. Back then you played outside from the time you got up till time for bed heck now you lucky if the kids go outside for half an hour and play. I hope Charlie will be a outside kid!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Death to Elmo

I am so sick of that little red monster!! What is it that draws toddlers to him?? If I have to watch one more Elmo video today I may just scream! Tomorrow I have to stand firm that he can be watched in the bedroom but not on the big TV in the living room!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Melting Ice Cream

Tonight we went up to Woggies for some frozen custard. Charlie seems to really enjoy eating his from a cone, but tonight was just to hot so it was melting very very fast. I also had a cone and made quite a mess tyring to eat it. Then there were also some teenage girls who thought he was just the cutest thing so he was in a mood to show off.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Playdate at our house...

We had some friends over today, but a much smaller group then last time. which seemed to work out allot better. This is one things the kids enjoyed doing today...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Flea Market

Every Sunday in Wentzville they have a Flea Market that opens at 6 AM and runs till 11. Well we were up this morning so we went up. I was very hopeful that they would have a little tykes climber but they didn't all we bought was a bag of popcorn. But it did us out of the house and walking around. Then we played outside for a while with Dominic and Hanna. About 11 we came it because it was lunch time but Charlie wasn't ready to eat so we watched a little Elmo , Charlie fell asleep so I cleaned up the garage. We are going up to Troy this afternoon to pick up Katie and Miranda for a few days.