Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy 3RD Birthday Charlie...

a year in review...

At this time three years ago...

we were just getting ready to head to the hospital... my water had broke a little over 3 hours ago contraction were moving along, I had got online paid bills, did the dishes , picked up the house and packed a bag (I hadn't pack that yet since we had 3 weeks to go before my scheduled c-section). I really wasn't ready to go, I was scared Charlie was on his way and we weren't ready, I had done my heparin injection which I was suppose to stop taking for 2 weeks before delivery... I was scared, my whole pregnancy I never relaxed never enjoyed it...after all the problems before. But this was different we had come this far and I would have to trust the doctors and believe everything would be just fine... So we called the doctor and head to the hospital.
I look over and see this this...

We made it without running out of gas!! I make the long walk into St. Johns Women's center
after we found out where it was .. that was another thing we hadn't done yet the hospital tour was scheduled for next week. I forgot my ID.. oh well they took my word for it. Got me all checked in (3cm) and we are waiting to be transferred up stairs... we are still wondering what is going to happen natural or c-section? I then regret not having belly shots so I ask Chaz to take one of me (NOT the best Picture of me!!)

Once we get upstairs Dr. Boyd comes in and informs us that it will still be and c-section and they will get us in as soon as a OR is available but it's a busy morning. The contractions are all in my back so the best way to relive the pain is I bend over nose to toes (well the best some one that huge can do) the nurse comes in and yells at me that I am pulling of the monitor and must stop. So they finally after 8 get the analgesic in do place my epidural. I had feared this!! But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be until I found out they had to redo it since only the left side of my body was numb!

Finally around 9:30 they come get us it our turn in the OR... things happened very quickly in there... they asked if i was in pain and I wasn't besides for this horrid Migraine that came with the epidural! At 9:47 AM Charlie was born 6lbs 5oz 20 in long

He had what they referred to as a growl so he was taken to the NIC unit for a while with Daddy. While Moppy went to recovery. I didn't feel well and thought I might be sick, my head was pounding! They said i would be there for an hour then I would be moved to a room and my Baby brought to me soon... well it was for ever. I head other come in and leave get this or that but I was still here... starting to wonder whats wrong with me or if I was forgotten. He comes Chaz and it is almost noon! Still not sure why I was there so long! Charlie is doing well and they are waiting for me to come upstairs he wants to eat, the nursery had called down and that got things moving and finally we went up to out room!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where do you come up with this stuff....

Well pretty much unfazed from the days prior events Charlie was his normal self last night. Lately he is really Daddy's Boy so he was sitting with Chaz and this is the conversation that fallowed...

Charlie- what's that
Chaz- what's what
Charlie- whats that (I see him point to something)
Chaz- that's a pen where did this come from , Moppy
Me- I found it in the toy bin figured it fell off your table (toy bin is under the table)
Chaz- I don't recognize it wonder where it came from
Charlie- It came from Kmart!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

4 Stitches...

That's what my baby boy got today... We were having fun at Playtime with some friends, some how Charlie tripped on the mat at the bottom of the slide, fell and caught his little chin on the end of the slide. It didn't bleed much but looked deep plus I didn't like the way it would turn into a gaping hole when he would move his mouth so off to Progress West ER since Dr. Sommer's office was closed for lunch.
Almost 2.5 hours later we were heading home with 4 Stitches a wore out
Charlie and and drained Moppy!

See that blue mat thats what he tripped on!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Look at me looking at me

Today at My Gym is was like Charlie noticed the mirrored wall for the first time and was really hamming it up watching himself do things.

Sophia's Birthday Party...

Yesterday afternoon was Sophia's party, we enjoyed the party very much! It was so nice to see so many friends we hadn't seen in a while! Sophia was her ever smiling self. Happy Birthday Miss Sophia!

But now before the party... I asked Charlie if I look nice and he said "you look cute" then he walked over touched my shirt and said "how much did you pay for this?" I told him that wasn't the type of question you ask someone it's not polite got an "OK Mom" and off he went.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crafty Projects at home

Family Picture
Huck, Daddy, Charlie, Moppy, and Buddy
Fish and the turtle he wants

Paint a Rock

Halloween Picture

School Projects


Finger painting


Grandparents day

(need to give these to his Grandparents, I guess)

Make a Hat day

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another picture I forgot about, would of been a great picture if Charlie would of looked at me and smiled. Taken at Lake St. Louis.

A Little Detour

So this morning Charlie and I went out for a doughnut since Daddy was at school. When we were finishing up when I asked Charlie should we get some doughnuts to take home for Daddy he said "no, I just want to go to the Zoo" So we went to the Zoo! Armed with just my itty bitty pocket camera. Charlie didn't want his stroller said he was going to walk and I didn't carry him. (he is getting too big for me to carry for long!) Daddy called when he was leaving school and thought about join us but decided to head home which was fine because we were not farm from heading home ourselves.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I love you Huckle...

Lately Charlie has decided Huckleberry is his pal! We really have to watch him because he wants to lay on him and tries to pick him up, which wouldn't be a problem but Huck has a bad back. But you hear him often say "I love you Huckle" and if we tell him to be easy or that he can't do that with Huck he will respond with "I just love him"

Funny .. NOT!!

So last night Charlie decided at 8:20 it was time for everyone to got to bed, well I had just opened a Smirnoff Ice so I told them to go on and I would be in shortly. I thought that would also be a nice time to enjoy some BBQ Frito's (brought them back from MI since I can find them here in MO and since I am dieting I picked up these little sauce cups at Walmart and that is the serving size I use for junk food!). Well I must of been dreaming because I thought they would go to bed and I could enjoy my drink, snack and watch CSI. Not 2 minutes later I hear Charlie coming down the hall and I hear Chaz saying "come to bed Booger" I yell out "I told you I would be in shortly". Well Charlie comes out question's what am I drinking .... after be told no he can't have any it a Mommy and Daddy drink he heads back down the hall where he stops at the bedroom door turns back and calls to me "come to bed Booger" , "come on Booger" I can hear Chaz laughing from the bedroom... this is not funny!!

P.S. I went to get some picture's of Charlie dressing him self with his shorts on his head but once i got the camera out he decided it was time to stop messing around... darn!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Family Fun Day

I really wanted to go back to Johnson Shut-ins before winter so we could play in the water again and Saturday I go it in my head we were going! Daddy wasn't ready after the long drive on Friday but he went along with it, Along the way we first stopped at Elephant Rocks State Park.

Then we head on over to Johnson's Shut-ins State Park to play in the water...

After the Shut-ins we took a ride to the highest point in Missouri Taum Sauk Mountain State Park.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not a lizard fan...

Yesterday we were doing some genealogical research (walking cemetery's looking for Daddy relative's) When I found and caught a little lizard. I thought jackpot Charlie will be thrilled and this we be great entertainment. The little guy was cool and just sat in my hand while I walked back to where Charlie was. I gave him to Charlie would looked at him for a minute and then to my surprise he let him go... the lizard ran and hid under his leg but didn't scurry away. I handed him back to Charlie and he let him go again, I was shocked and I explained that he was very fast and when he was gone that was it. Charlie was fine with that and watch the lizard run under his legs and around him for a second, then Charlie informed he needed to go home so we took him back where I found him.

I also found a Walking Stick but Charlie wasn't thrilled by him either.

New Bike

I forgot to post these, Charlie received a Diego Bike for his birthday from Granny and Grappy. (they had a early birthday party for him in MI last month)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

How when I found it did it become Charlie's??

Last night I found a Tree Frog, Charlie delared it was his Tree I found it Mr. Man! He held it, put it in and out of the bucket, brought it in to show Daddy, let it get loose in the house, and threw a huge fit when Moppy caught him (everything is a boy to Charlie) and returned him to the wild. He seen it on the tree where Moppy released it when we headed out to dinner and checked for it when we arrived back home but he was long gone and Charlie wanted to know where his Tree Frog was. Charlie has also asked about "his" Tree Frog a number of times today.

Hey Mister Bee..

I was taking picture's of Charlie enjoying his dipping dots at the zoo and this bee flew up so I snapped the picture.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today last minute I decided that Charlie and I were going to the Zoo. It was a wonderful trip!!The weather was beautiful and the Zoo was pretty much empty, Charlie was very well behaved and even posed and smiled for pictures.

Cowboy Charlie

Charlie at Norah third Birthday Party....

Friday, September 4, 2009

Day two of School...

Charlie woke up ready to go, when I asked if he wanted to go to school today he simply yelled "YAY", we just dropped him off we walked him to his class he walked in turned to us and said "bye, see you later" , which point Daddy asked for a high five and we both were given one.

When we picked Charlie up he was in no hurry to leave. He was just having a grand time there. Miss Jennifer did say he scared her a bit by climbing way up on the play structure.. we warned them he was a monkey...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of School

Charlie went to his first day of school with no tears from him or Moppy. The Teacher and his class mates where in the entry hall waiting to greet him. Charlie took Ms. Jennifer's hand and walked to his class room. Once in the room he pulled out an airplane ad some other trucks and started talking to the other kids. In fact another little girl in his class was clinging to her mom a little and starting to cry when the Mom said bye, Charlie didn't even look up by said "bye see you later" and waved. When we picked him up I got a little nervous when the first words out of the director's mouth was she had made a mistake. Then she told us they had played outside and was having a great day but she forgot to tell Ms. Jennifer that Charlie was to read a book not nap, well when they came in I guess Ms. Jennifer took another child to the restroom and when she came out Charlie was already asleep. So they woke him up at which point he became upset and had been crying. So Charlie wasn't enjoying school when we picked him up. We told them in the future if he falls asleep go ahead and let him sleep. After we got home and chilled out for a bit and had a bowl of cereal. Charlie told me he liked school they had lots of books and big blocks.

Later this evening oh the way to dinner we asked Charlie if he wanted to go back to school he said "please mom" I asked him is that a yes or a no he said "yes please mom" So I think all in all he enjoyed his first day of school!