Sunday, May 31, 2009

Run from the Mosquitoes

So tonight on the way home from Hurricane Harbor I asked Chaz to stop off at a park we had seen the sign to but never been, Howell Island. We seen some folks walking down the trail with a couple of boys and asked was it worth the walk and what was down there well the what was down there info was not the best but they warned that the Mosquitoes were bad. I said lets wait and go another day when we had bug spray Daddy said let's go since we're here so we went on..... let me just say wholly Mosquitoes!! we went on down to where the water covered the road/path to the island. We were attached by huge mosquitoes and ened up runny most of the way back to the car. heck just thinking about it and typing this I am getting that hibby gibby itchy feeling

Water is too high we can not get to the Island!

Shooooooing Mosquitoes!!

Can you hear that?

Did you hear the bell ring? We didn't notice it at first but Charlie did....
it starts a little while before the big spill as a warning that the spill is coming!! While we were climbing and playing Charlie would tell me "it's going to happen". But when you are up there Climbing it the rumble you hear not the bell!!

And just a cute picture of Charlie....


The look I got right after being told "no picture's"

Emily and Dave's Wedding Reception

Last night we attend my friend Emily's wedding reception. (Congratulations Emily and Dave!) It was held at Bear Creek Gold club which was absolutely beautiful! I had thought some of Charlie's friends would be there so armed with a bag of stickers and goodies off we went. Well as it turned out other the Grayson and Ella (who dance the night away), Charlie was the only little kid there. I think he did very well at the event and seemed to be enjoying himself most of the time. Unfortunately I forgot to ask one of our friends to take a family picture so once again no picture's of me.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Charlie rides his first "real" ride!!

Not sure if he was thrilled or scared to death when the picture was snapped. and Moppy did kinda have the death grip on him... But he just came up and seen the picture on my screen and said "cool mommy cool" I then asked did he like the log ride and want to do it again, his reply was "OK" in Charlie talk that is YES. We are putting our season passes to good use!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Charlie is in the newspaper....

along with some of our other Meet-up friends!! Last week at the Public Works fair O'Fallon Community News took picture's and just told us they might be in the paper this week. Well last night we had dinner at Ethyl's and I seen the paper as we walked out so I grabbed it. On Page 16 Charlie is on the train (If you want to see him you will have to go to the paper's website.) zoom in right above the number one on the train engine) he is waving, I am holding Charlie, Trisha is on the Train by Charlie, Kylie is in the upper right corner, and the Family on the right four picture's down is our friends Jen, Taigen, Isaiah, and Rodney.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Botanincal Garden

Today we enjoyed our first trip to the Botanical Garden with our friends Molly and Norah. Charlie is all about water so it was hard to keep him out of the reflection ponds and fountains. I could see us taking another trip down there very soon with Daddy! The Children's garden is awesome and I highly recommend this for kids of all ages!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My how the boys have changed, it is great to
see them actually playing with one another.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Playing in the water...

Not sure what he meant by it but he kept telling Chaz and I... "too much water"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sneek Peek ....

Our Family Photo Shoot with Nikki Welch. Nikki is a member of our Meet up group and is an amazing photographer!! I can hardly wait to see the rest of them!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Public Works Fair

The fair offered us a chance to learn
more about the daily services provided by
The Public Works Department, such as
clean water, streets, enjoyable parks, trash
and recycling disposal and many other services.

Charlie enjoyed checking out all the equipment
they had, he was very good at getting out of
things when told his turn was over. Which was
a big change from last year and having to pry
his fingers from the doors or what ever he could
grab on too.





Happy 40th Birthday!!!
Love, Ra, Chaz, and Charlie

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family Reunion

Yesterday we attended a family reunion at Chaz's cousin Cindy's home. It was nice to see everyone get together, after many years. Charlie and I took a break from the party to check out a nearby park and let Charlie run a little.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hide and Seek

Last night and this morning Charlie has been in a very goofy mood! Which is giving

me the chance to get some fun video's of him!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Look at me I spinning

Going on an Eel hunt

Charlie packed some animals in his backpack, put on his
shoes and grabbed his camera then informed me he was
going to catch an eel and see wildlife.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our favorite park again.... Indian Camp Creek Park

Did I mention that I love this park? We have so much fun here, and it's a new adventure every time we go!!

Water sloshing in Charlie boots

Indian Camp Creek Park

Yes, this is our favorite park!! Charlie loves the playground, his "castle" and going down by the creek to throw rocks in the water. We took a walk along the creek and tossed some rocks in the water, seen some tadpoles and frogs. We did have a little scare when Charlie touched a plant with spikes (our friend Aaron told us the name and I forgot it already). He had some welts pop up, Chaz and I wondered about. Daddy went and picked some of the plant in-case it became a bigger problem. While Charlie and Moppy went to the playground. Charlie asked to go home which made Chaz and I really wonder what was going on with him. When we arrived home the welts were already going away, thankful!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Charlie's video

What's wrong with me....

I just haven't been motivated to take allot of picture's lately.... Hoping to take Charlie to the park later and maybe be find my mojo....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

We headed to Six Flags again today putting our season passes to good use! Actually it was Charlie's ideal he went and put his left shoe on his right foot and put on his back pack and came to me to inform me he was going to Six Flags. It was so very cute really. But I told him he could not go to Six Flags because Daddy was still sleeping and he would have to wait for him to get up.Well Daddy heard him talking about going to Six Flags and it sounded like a good ideal so we got all sun screened up and went to Six Flags. It was much busier then last weekend when we were there, but we had an enjoyable time.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

So time flies...

here it is Thursday and I haven't blogged at all this week. Not too much going on heck I'm not even sure we this week has gone. Well I will dig up a couple of cute picture's to post... Charlie the last four May's





Saturday, May 2, 2009

Six Flags

Today we did another first for Charlie we took him to his first amazement, Park Six Flags St. Louis. We recently purchased Season passes since we always seem to be looking for something to do with Charlie. We figure it close enough that we will put the passes to good use. After a few hiccups to get our season passes we were ready for fun, Charlie was enjoying running around jumping in some very small puddles then we headed to Bugs Bunny's National Park. First ride was Elmer Fudd's weather balloons, not really sure Charlie enjoyed this ride. Next was the Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots (airplanes) and Moppy's turn to ride with Charlie, Well I was too tall to ride and not really convinced Charlie would ride alone, but we gave it a shot and he rode alone. (it did make me a little sad that my baby can ride rides without me). Then Charlie caught site of the tree house playground and played for a little while, before Moppy dragged him off for more rides. Charlie and Daddy rode the Tug boat then we enjoyed some dipping dots. We put him on the Taz Twister ride but he would not stay sitting so he had to get off. Moppy and Charlie rode the space ship then Daddy and Charlie rode the space ship. We had asked Charlie if he wanted to ride the Daffy Duck Swing Ride and he had said no but I figured why not ask again, this time he wanted to. Daddy put him in the swing and strapped him in tight!! He was a little fidgety waiting for the ride to start and when it started he looked just plan bored. Daddy talked to him as he went by, then Charlie started yelling "help Daddy" and would stop as soon as Daddy was out or sight the next time around he reached for Daddy saying "help Daddy get me" a few more rounds and then he turned around in his seat we told the operator he has to stop the ride, our son is climbing out of his seat and he does but before he can get it stopped Charlie is not sitting in his swing anymore but kneeling in his and hanging onto the one behind him. ( glad there wasn't a kid behind him that migh of kicked at him or something!!)Charlie and I rode the little train and then we headed home. That was the excitement of our trip to Six Flags.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Jumping off the bridge.

Picture it...

It's 4:30 in the morning you're laying in your bed sleeping and are startled awake by your two year old jump's up in bed crying...

Charlie- crying and screaming
Daddy- Charlie sit down use your words
Moppy-Charlie sit down before you fall out of bed (Charlie sits down and then lays down)
Charlie - where's my band-aids
Moppy- Charlie you don't have any band-aids
Charlie- we need to get more Band-aids Mommy
Daddy- where are they Mommy
Moppy- OK Charlie we'll get more band-aids

Now though all that his eyes never open once!! We lay there for a minute, Daddy gets up and then I get up and we meet back in the bedroom where Daddy Ask me- What did you take that kids band-aids while he was sleeping? I tell him, "no he has not had any Band-aids on in days."

So now I know the Doctor has said from what I have told him he believes Charlie suffers from night terrors but that is described as crying in the sleep...This is not the first time he has done this type of thing so I think Charlie must have some very vivid dreams.