Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Can you believe...

 it's been 13 years since we tied the knot?? It sure has 
Well here's to 13 more! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Casey's new baby...

                             Welcome to the world!  Sawyer Curtis! 12:23PM, 7lbs 8ozs, 20 inches long!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Well we finally have more then a dusting of snow!! But Charlie doesn't want to go out and play.  He Said he would wait till next winter. I told him next winter is a long time from now and he said he understood that. But he was going to draw a picture of himself playing in the snow.
 Here's his picture:

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Picture's from a walk I took this Past Tuesday....

These were taken in Winfield , MO at the Lock and dam public access area.  When I arrived I was not in the best of moods and had looked around it was cloudy, windy and misty. I thought about leaving but then thought to myself i drove all this way and i am going to enjoy a nice walk even if I don't get see or  take a single picture of an eagle. Well I walked down a little dead in trail that I always have good luck on and seen eagle Number one sitting in the tree. That made me happy yeah i had seen many more in the same spot and here sat just one but it is always such an amazing sight to me. He was not skidsh and just sat looking at me as I took picture's and told him how beautiful he was and thanking him for making my walk wonderful. The wind was picking up and I had left my jacket in the car so i headed back to the car to head home. But then when I got to the car I decided I was not ready to head home yet so I head down the walkway that runs atop of the levee. I seen an older couple who were walking their dogs and a couple of ladies who were enjoying a walk. Then a older gentleman  who was out jogging. I guess he seen my camera and said to me " Up in the little inlet is a eagle sitting on the ice."   Knowing that the older couple and the ladies were ahead of me and not wanting to lose the chance to get some picture's of the an eagle sitting on the ice, I start running and get ahead of them explaining as I go by why, I now have my coat and am hot so I take it off and Drop it in the huge rocks that make up the levee and keep moving so I can get the picture's.  When I get close i start walking again and stopping to take picture's as a progress closer and closer. I a taking picture and the other people on the trail are hanging back because they don't want to cause the eagle to take off (Thank You!) But after i get some shoots i say to the ladies who are close enough to hear me that they can keep walking and they say we didn't want to scare him. I tell them that even if they do then I get some nice taking off in flight picture's. Well all of the sudden the eagle takes off,  does a circle and the swoops down and snags a fish of of the water!! And the best part I got it all!! Which is some  of the picture's a always dreamed of getting:  a eagle catching a fish, flying with a fish in talon's  and dining on his catch!   My mood was great after my walk!!  When I got home I played it low key while Chaz and I ate lunch.  Then once I could get my picture's down loaded I showed them to him and let my excitement flow!!  I am so very proud of these picture's!  

Number One

Just hanging out on the ice.

Going for a little fly.

Just snagged a fish out of the water off closely
 at the talon on the  right and you can see a little wate
r splash in the background


Hey this is my fish, keep moving!

You can have chocolate cake for breakfast....