Sunday, January 31, 2010

Roller Skating

This afternoon we attended Jakob's 9Th Birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKIE) party which was a roller skating Party! This meant Charlie first time Roller Skating.. he did pretty darn good but would walk in his skates instead of roll. They had these neat helper's and that gave Charlie a little more freedom on the skates.

First Time on Roller Skates

Watching Robert light the candles


Moppy and Charlie

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Charlie is sick... coughing, sneezing , runny nose and eyes, and moody. My poor little man, I took him to the doctor yesterday because he has had the cough for a couple of days and the nebulizer didn't seem to be helping. Dr. said it's just a cough and even told him it was Okay to go to Monkey Joe's yesterday morning. I sure hope we didn't get any of our friends sick yesterday!! But one nice thing is that Daddy had went to Walmart in the wee hours yesterday and came home with a surprise for Charlie the DVD "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". Which he has watched it so many times since 5 AM yesterday that I lost count of how many times it has been.

Charlie watching his movie on Daddy Living room computer!

Charlie fell asleep in his room watching his movie...

This doesn't look very comfy!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Monkey Joes

Today we met Molly and Norah at Monkey Joe's. It was a jumping good time but I think I prefer Jump4 Fun because I can join Charlie on the bounce houses and slides. I wondered how long we could hold out since Charlie woke up at four this morning, but we stayed there till around 12:30 and then went and had lunch at Culver's before heading home.

Charlie has also had a cough the last few days so I took him in to the doctor but they said he is fine and even said it was okay to go to Monkey Joe's.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Toe Painting

Sometime is gets just boring doing the same old craft projects. This evening I asked Charlie if he wanted to paint and to make it a little special ,extra fun and very messy!! I set him up Toe paint. We had never toe painted before so he was excited when he found out what Moppy had planned.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun with Friends

this morning we went back to Planet fun for some more climbing fun... Moppy even won a prize in the light house game but we had to wait for the game man to show up since it wouldn't fit out the game door...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Resourceful Little Booger!

Charlie getting a peanut buttter cup notice he is on tip toes on can goods!

Friday, January 15, 2010

ice pack

in the last few days Charlie has discovered the ice pack. So a couple times a day he has booboo's that require an ice pack.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Planet Fun

We went to new to us indoor play place today, well I guess it really

wasn't new to me we had take the "girls" there about 3 years ago when it was called Tumble Drum and it was gross and they wouldn't allow adults to climb with the kids. Shortly after that they closed and then it open later with a a new name and I had heard new owners but we hadn't been there. Lets just say it was a much better place now!! We spent over three hours playing there. We had went with some friends but we stayed a while longer then they did and Charlie made a new friend. He was so happy and I hope we do see that little boy again. I never know what to do in those situations do you offer an phone number or email address so you can maybe get together again for a play date or maybe simply suggest we will be here again on ____ and see if they show up. Charlie was thrilled he had a made a new friend and when he woke up from his nap he said "I like my friend it was fun he chased me, I miss him"

Monday, January 11, 2010


Spunky Beans made this for Charlie's Birthday but we hadn't seen her
since the first week in October.

Gingerbread Man she made
him for Christmas

Dinosaur she made him tonight

Last week Wednesday we went to Culver's (yes that's the night it snowed). One of the ladies that works there is Sara she asked where we been, we hadn't been there in over two month and prior to that we were there at least once a week on Mondays for the Balloon Lady Spunky Beans who happens to be Sara's mom. Not sure why we hadn't been up there, only thing I can think of is last time we stopped in they said she (spunky Beans) wouldn't be there for a month so it dropped off our weekly plan and then with the holidays it just been busy. Well Sara said that her mom had some Special balloons she made for Charlie and has been bringing them every week and then taking them back home and putting them in the freezer till the next week knowing sooner or later we would be back. Well tonight was the night we made it back and she had the cutest balloons for Charlie!! It was nice to see her again and I hope we get going to see Spunky Beans back on our weekly schedule!

sticker's/ decorations

This morning Charlie wanted to do spooky sticker's... the boy loves Halloween!! He is ready for Halloween and everything that goes along with the season!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The long way home...

after the birthday party I asked Chaz to stop at a park along the river so I could take some picture's of the river in winter. Then we took the back roads home where we seen two Bald Eagles in a corn field, when I tried to get closer I sunk waist deep in snow! The picture's of the eagle's in the field did not turn out to good but I like the in flight ones. Then we seen what I think was a golden Eagle and a young bald eagle. It was a beautiful ride home... we used to go on allot or aimless rides but it's not so easy to do with Charlie.

Ryder's First Birthday

Today we joined the Donald's to celebrate Ryder's first Birthday!

Not really sure why he was doing this but thought it was cute!

Handy Charlie

This morning Charlie helped Daddy work on his chair....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bison in MO!!!

Today we took another trip to Lone Elk park and this time we got to see bison!! YAY!! We also seen White tail deer and Elk. The park was absolutely beautiful with all the snow, you could see for ever and what breath taking views they were!