Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Night

OK so Charlie wanted the Elephant Costume... when it came time to put it on he went running screaming from the room and then went to his room pointed at the closet and said "back in there" That was when I just wanted to try it and make sure I didn't need to do any quick fixes. When we made it to the church for "Trunk or Treating" (we ran up to Troy to Charlie's Great Aunt Nila's Church) and went to put it on he started crying again. But once it was on and he seen that when he went up to people and said Trick or Treat they gave him candy he was fine. When it was time to put it on at home to go treat or treating he was excited. Chaz took him out trick or treating while I stayed home passing out popcorn balls then candy.

After all our candy was gone and we turned out the light I wanted to get a picture of Charlie and all his candy well he poured out the bucket and then jumped on his candy!

Halloween Party last night... well maybe not

Last night we took Charlie down to St. Charles for an free Halloween Party... It was in a good size hall and they had games to play and were giving out all kinds of candy it was a very nice event but Charlie wanted no part of it he wanted to go to the park and play!! So we did!

Christmas Dreams

Here is what Charlie is hoping Santa leaves under the tree.... Kota the Triceratops Dinosaur

Happy Halloween!!!

Well Charlie hadn't wanted to be anything I asked him until
today at Costco they had a cow and elephant costume and he wanted to
be the Elephant!! So as of now Charlie will be dressing up as an
elephant. I will post picture's later.

How sweet he is...

Last night Daddy sneezed and Charlie said "bless you" !! It was so darn cute and sweet!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lady Bug Hunt

From Moppy's World

Well in the past Charlie has not been trilled with the ideal of an bug being on him but this evening he went looking for them and was picking them up. At one point we had at least a dozen in an old baby food jar. When I said it was time to let the bugs go home and for us to go inside he had a melt down.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Silly Face

Charlie was putting his hat

on and off and then making silly face's at me.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What was I thinking!!

Well back in High School I did some Pastel Painting/Drawing's... which if you have ever been to
our home you could of seen them hanging over the stairs to the basement.

Well I just LOVE this picture of Charlie (the one at the top of this blog) and had the bright ideal to turn it into a pastel... Why in the world did I think after all these years I could do this??? Now I am kicking myself because I really want to see it done but I also have forgot more about Pastel's then I ever knew. Chaz is being very supportive and even told me to find a class. But heck I don't have time to go work out when would I take a class? So maybe I should quit now... but I really want to do it but don't think I have the skill to do the picture justice. Here is the progress so far....

Stage 1

Stage 2

Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Party

This afternoon we attended the
My Gym Halloween Party. Daddy
took the time off to attend with us. It
was good time and Charlie did
pretty good considering it
fell right at nap-time.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fire House Tour

Today we went to O'Fallon's #1 Fire Station they have 5 in all. Fire Station # 1 is located in "OLD TOWNE" section of O'Fallon at 119 E. Elm Street. This fire station serves as the headquarters of the O'Fallon Fire Protection District. This station is manned 24 hours a day by a crew of 3 firefighters and 1 captain.

Charlie and I were running a bit early so I decided we would run into Kmart and just as we were getting off I-70 the fire truck went by and I thought "well there goes the tour". So we ran into Kmart then headed to the Fire Station... all our friends were waiting outside and we talked a little and I took some picture's of the group with Carter's Grandpa holding onto Charlie. Then The fire truck came back and we all went in. Just as the fireman started to talk the alarm sounded and they had to jump in the truck and leave again. We were left just kind of stand around for a few minutes. There was a very nice man standing with us who I committed to he got stuck watching us all and she told me he had retired in July but still came by to have coffee with the guys. Then the Fire Chief appeared, then came the Safety Officer and The Deputy Chef. The larger truck was out but the small truck was still there(which was none too small). The chief opened up the truck so the kids could get their pictures taken and check out the truck. He also held Charlie up to check out the side of the truck which had gauges, and buttons and switches. Charlie was loving it! Then the Deputy Chief went up stairs and slid down the pool which then Charlie and the kids wanted too. The lager truck came back just as we were fishing up our tour and pulled into the fire house with the lights on so the kids could see them. The gave the kids stickers, coloring books and a K-9 dog card (like a baseball card). It was a great time and I really hope we take the kids back next year. Thanks for setting it up Vicki!

Just my thoughts... Everyone at the fire house was very nice and very good with the kids. You always think of Firemen and Police officers as kid friendly people. But I am sure this doesn't ring true with all of them. Face it some people just aren't kid people and I am sure in the job description it doesn't say must get along with kids. I tip my hat and give Thanks to all the Men and Women who are out there everyday working to protect and server our communities. Thank You!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Park this evening...

well Daddy spent most of the day in bed not feeling so hot. But when he got up he wanted to go to the park so we went to Quail Ridge for a while. He are a couple of picture's.

Can't believe it Daddy and Charlie both smiling!

Charlie's Art Work

This afternoon we finally had the chance to get into this great paint set that Charlie's pal Adam gave him for his Birthday. Here is my little Picasso's work.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Seeing the Changes



Daniels Farm and Greenhouse

Is where we went today with our MeetUp friends. I enjoy all the things with do with our friends we have met Thanks to! Today a couple of friends we hadn't seen since summer were there and it was nice to see them and boy have the kids sure grown up! Here is a photo of Charlie and I Thanks to our friend Beth!

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Gym

Today at My Gym they worked on Jumping, like Charlie needs any encoragement!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Centennial Farm/Orchard and a walk in the Park

This afternoon we took a ride out to Augusta to visit the Centennial Farm. It didn't turn out to be quite what we expected ... like online they talk about a straw maze which ended up being a single layer of straw bales that most kids just thought were for climbing on. But we had an enjoyable time. I wouldn't mind to go back next year and do some apple picking.
Then after that we took a drive and came upon Klondike Park. It is a very nice park we took a nice hike up the hill to the outlook.

Oh I forgot to mention that Chaz's cousin Ron and his wife Linda have bee spending a few days with us that the other folks in the picture's.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Sweetest Day!!

This is a true Hallmark Holiday! In Michigan it is a
much bigger day then in MN or MO.
But I think any excuse to tell the people you care about how
you fell is a good one. I remember being a bit younger and
telling someone that you love them was a big deal!
Now it seems like people throw those words around
just like the do Hi, heck some times more often then the do Hi.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Go Out and Play!!!

Well the last couple of day we have just been home bodies. I have really wanted Charlie to get used to going to sleep in his bed alone for nap time and figure by next month he will also be sleepin there at night. Wednesday we had our PAT visit,Thursday we just hung around the house and went outside for a bout an hour, Today I cleaned and Charlie played and watched TV. So this evening I decided that we needed to get out and play. Charlie protested but once I got his shoe's and coat on he was ready to go outside. I loaded him in the car and headed up to Progress park for a while once seen the playground he was ready to play.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Tonight we went next door for a BBQ with our friends Mac and Michelle. Mac is ending his 10 day leave(he is on active duty in Kosovo). He is missed around here! The Neighborhood just seemed so much quieter with out him this past summer.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

St.Louis Zoo

I really enjoy Wildlife and so far Charlie seems to be sharing my love for animals.

Today we met our friends Sarah, Leah, and Jonah. I wasn't so sure as we were getting ready this morning but it turned out to be an almost perfect day for the Zoo. It was cloudy, uncrowded and not too hot. Charlie first was enjoy running around with Leah at the fountain near the entrance till he slid on some slippery leaf’s and ended up with his butt all wet. Then in the monkey house… they were very interactive and seemed excited to see us and a few would come rushing to the windows when we walked up. On to Big Cat Country where we were able to see the Tiger cubs playing and the Lions where out… I love cool days the animals are more active and crowds smaller! We stopped to see the baby Zebra where Charlie started his climbing for the day on the fence and ended up falling over and bumping his cheek on either the fence or the ground. Next we headed to see the baby Giraffe on the way Charlie climbed the fence and was climbing the rocks on his way to joining the Kangaroo’s in their enclosure, with Leah not far behind. I jumped the fence and grabbed him trying not to laugh and firmly explain to him that the fence are there to keep him out and the animals in. I think this talk was lost on him and Sarah was laughing and said she wished she would have had her camera out and ready. I had thought of snapping a photo but what if he would of fell in or just kept going? Then we would be banned from the Zoo for LIFE. Lunch was pretty uneventful beside the kids not wanting to eat. On to the Children’s Zoo which was way to quite, we were the only ones in there. Since the zoo was slow they had a turkey and a tortoise out walking that the kids could get close to. Then Charlie found a mud puddle that he and Leah had a great time jumping and sitting in! Sarah and I took turns going on the slides with the kids. Then the next mud puddle which Charlie jumped in once then for some reason decided to lay down on his belly in. Leah and Charlie both brushed goats and tried to feed them rocks… the goats didn’t eat the rocks! Time to head for the hills.. But then we decide to take the reverse route to the Elephants and Hippos since it will dump us out at the entrance. The animals where out and close to the viewing area’s… But the melt down began so we where rushing to go.

I hope we get to go back soon!

Monday means Chuck E. Cheese and My Gym

Every Monday we enjoy lunch with our friends (Molly and Norah) at Chuck E. Cheese before heading over to My Gym here is a picture from each.

Last Night went to Wendy and Brayden's for a Wiggles dance party... Wendy did most of the dancing! But it was fun to get out and hang out with friends! Seems like we haven't seen them much lately.

Today we are off to the Zoo

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dames Park...

is where we met up with some friends this morning. It is amazing how much all the kids have grown this last year and the changes in their activity levels. Charlie is still a Monkey!!

Charlie's New Shoe's

As of latley I been asking Charlie
to put his shoe's on and take
them off. Yesterday morning
he put these on....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Charlie at Rombach last year! 2007

Today we went to Rombach Farms with some of our friends. Charlie was a little cranky and being bull headed but after a melt down was fine and we enjoyed the trip very much. Charlie did try to climb though a drain pipe, but I pulled him out by his ankles. He probably could of done it but I wondered what would I do if he got stuck! We are planning on going back again Saturday taking Katie and Miranda with us.