Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baby Gate...

Charlie has figured out that if he lays on the floor and uses his legs he can lift and open the baby gate that leads to the basement... I see a new baby gate in the future!! I had a migraine tonight so Chaz and Charlie took a ride up to Troy to see the Girls and Loren while I got a little rest. Had a nap and head doesn't feel so bad but I have that drunk feel from my medicine.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today we went to Charlie's friend Adam's house for a play date with our meetup group. With all the toys around Charlie had to be different and get a board out to play with. It was great to see our friend we hadn't seen some in a month or more. But mother nature did throw us a curve ball and make it a bit hotter then it was suppose to be.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

23 Months old!!

Charlie 3 days old
Today Charlie is just a month away from being a two year old!! Where have the day's and month's gone? When I look back at old Picture's it hard to believe how much he has grown.

Charlie at 1 year
He is now about 33 in. tall and weights 25.5 lbs

He talks up a storm, what we hear most...

Outside/downstairs ...please
I like it.
I got it.
I'm scared of monsters.
I kicked.
I read. ( when I am trying to read my book)
Thank you Your welcome
All Done
Glasses Momma (every morning he hands them to me when he's ready to get up)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Outside, Please!!!

Charlie loves to be outside... Well I don't know a kid who doesn't until they hit those preteen days and all they want to do is sit playing video games, or messing around online!
He will beg, plead, cry, and sometimes he will grab you hand and try to drag you. Well last night we had Chaz's Aunt and Uncle over for a visit and while I fixed dinner they went out, then after dinner we went out play in the water which it turned out to be too cold to do so we changed to dry cloths then went out to play in the sandbox.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

Web Albums

New photo's added... anyone who knows me know this is just a fraction of the picture's I took while on our trip. I need to do some clean up of my web albums so I have more space!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It's always fun to go on a trip... but it is always nice to come home too. Charlie and I had a great time with our Family. I don't think we will get to make another trip to Christmas time so we stayed a long time this trip. Granny, Grammpy and Nana gave Charlie his Birthday gifts while we were he got a Geotracks Train and Air Plane and a bunch of the extra's! Now just to figure out where to set it up. I will get Picture's uploaded to the web album soon and let you know.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Return from Dial-Up Land

We have returned to the world of High-speed Internet!! Not that my parents like just having dial-up, that's all they can get. Heck your lucky if you can get cable up there. We had a great visit and have a couple more full days with my sister's before we head back to Missouri. Tomorrow we are going to Lagoon Deer Park . Here are a few Picture's from our trip to Deer Acres with Granny, Gramppy and Lyssa Lynn.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Sister is a dork!!

She called and told Mom I needed to update my blog... and it isn't the sister who live's in Michigan!

Having fun in Michigan not getting online much since the only Internet is dial up. Weather is wonderful been in the high 70's most days.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Splish Splash

Yesterday after it rained Charlie, Lyssa and Aunt Deanna played in the puddle out in front of Aunt Deanna's house.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Trip to Ohio

Yesterday we drove down to Ohio to spend the day with Aunt Michele and Timmy. We went on an "Ohio African Safari". It is a drive Thur Zoo and you can feed the animals out your car window, Aunt Michele isn't big into Animals but she was a very good sport and held Charlie in her lap and helped him feed Elk, Deer, Zebra, Long Horn, Giraffe and Yes even the Bison!! Thanks Aunt Michele!! It was a great day we had a wonderful time!

Made it to Michigan

We Made it safe and sound, was a good trip only hit one storm that lasted about 45min. It came with a wicked looking sky....

Once arriving with we stopped at Grandma Condo to unload and relax for a little while be heading to Aunt Dee's the meeting up with Grampy and Uncle Jon for Dinner.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Tim!!!

Today is my Brother in Laws Birthday!!!

Blogging and Never Run Cold water over a Hot Head!

I think they should call it bragging... I feel like that's pretty much what I do here. But heck that's what Mommy's are supposed to do!

Here's how dumb I can be.... far from Bragging on my sweet Mr. Man!!

Never Run Cold Water over HOT Head

I think I lost my mind today... While Charlie was napping I thought it's not too bad out so I want to do some weeding , trimming and if I dare cut the grass. (They said on the news this Morning if you need to cut your grass you better get it done today) Guess what it was to HOT out!! I got the weed whacking and weeding done and thought that wasn't too bad... I got half the front yard cut and thought I was going to die, Took the mower down the Hill to empty the bag and it about got away from me (if you ever seen our yard you would know how bad that could be) then I couldn't get it started so I thought I would get a drink out of the hose and sit for a minute Bad plan!!! When the water got cool I decided to run a little over my head and sent myself into some kind of shock, I had this weird shaking chill come over me. I laid in the side yard for a few minute's then mustered up the energy to get up, Telling myself " You have to get that Lawn mower up the hill, Charlie won't nap forever" But I was wondering if the neighbor Robert would come get it up the hill for me. So I get around front and do you think I put up the Lawn Mower? Oh no I have to finish not only the front yard but also doing the side yard and by the street !Empty the bag again this time I just take the bag (guess I learned something). So that Headache I had for two days and was finally gone is back and i just felt weird all afternoon.