Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well when we found out Charlie was coming we knew we just had to have an exersaucer because Carly across the street just loved hers. Well as it turned out Charlie did not really love his that much. I put it in a consignment sale this past weekend and it was one of the few items that did not sell.( I did really good at the sale!!!) Well we picked up the stuff that did not sell and when Charlie saw it announced "mine". Then when we arrived home we were going to leave the stuff in the truck for now and just unwind. He went to the back truck saying "mine open please" So We pulled it out and daddy put him in it spun him around a few times then was going to put it up on the shelf . Charlie wanted no part of it being on the shelf he wanted it to go inside(saying inside please mine inside please) , so daddy bought it on in the house and put it in the living room. I think he just spent more time in it and enjoying then when he was a baby!!


Charlie loves sour cream. This was him at dinner tonight, he is in a really good hammy mood!!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Charlie happened to skip his nap this day and nothing made him happy. He wanted to fly a kite so Daddy put it together and they went out to fly it. It went right up and was flying beautifully but that didn't make him happy, he had decided that he wanted to play with the little girl across the street but they were not out playing.


Charlie didn't wake up saying "candy" this year like he did last, and really didn't seen excited about the the baskets full of candy that awaited him. He opened lots of candy but didn't eat much and asked for some noodles for breakfast. He did seem to enjoy his egg hunt.

Peanut butter's good for you...right?

The other morning I was doing dish and here come Charlie with the Jar of peanut butter asking for some on a spoon. I figure its no big deal he has ate it like this before and peanut butter is a good source or protein. I give him a spoon full and go back to doing dishes when done I look over at Charlie sitting at the table an this is what I find....

Charlie has spread the peanut butter all over his arm and is licking it off.

Well maybe it wasn't intended for skin care...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Trip into the city

Easter weekend we took a trip into St. Louis. Riding the Train (metro link), walking the Arch grounds, and going on a Riverboat ride. Charlie really enjoyed the day and did not want to get off the boat.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hamming it up for the camera

Wearing Moppy's sandals.

Charlie driving

While at Indian Camp Creek Park (April 1st) Daddy let Charlie drive but this turned out to be a bad plan, now Charlie wants to drive every time we go to get in the car.

Hard Drive Crash

Sorry folks my Hard drive crashed and we are working to rebuild my computer. But soon will have three of Charlie's first on here Train ride, Trip to the Arch , and a Riverboat ride. Plus picture's from his third Easter.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Visiting the Easter Bunny

While talking about it at home he said "No Bunny". So I knew this was not going to be a good experience and my hopes for the smiling boy sitting on that huge bunny lap flew out the window.
Once we arrived at the mall Charlie wanted to go to the play area and ride the rides... (note to self STOP parking by Border's where you go in right by the play area) So we headed for the center of the Mall to see the Bunny, the whole time I am talking it up, how we want a nice smiling picture for Daddy and Granny. We arrive to find two other waiting to see the bunny but no bunny... so I ask when it the bunny going to be here.. I am informed that they bunny will be on site at ten... funny because it's 10:06. Mr. Easter finally shows around 10:15 having trouble walking and keeping the head balanced (another note to self STOP going to Mid Rivers mall for these picture's). Well Charlie sees him coming down the hall and puts this death grip on my neck the closer the the bunny gets the closer I get to being strangled. The first girl in line is I would guess is 7 if not older, she jumps right on his lap and smiles , the second is a boy I'm guess around a year old who takes a little more time to warm up to the bunny but the is clapping and cute as can be. Charlies up... death grip yelling "no Bunny" I try sitting with him he high fives the bunny and takes off I say OK lets step back let some others go and try again.. next try "Charlie do you want to stand by the bunny?"" NO" I stand him next to the bunny and step back tell the Lady just take a picture well he runs across the bench and starts to jump off, Let's just say Mr. Bunny is about to have an heart attack trying to grab Charlie and keep the head on. Try three... "Charlie do you want to show the bunny your dinosaur? he would really like to see it." I take him and stand him by the bunny and say show him your Dino he shows him and is ready to run but the lady did get to snap a quick picture... but I am left wondering why did I poor my son though this any way? I have hundred's of picture's ...OK let be truthful ... Thousands of picture's of Charlie would it really matter if didn't have a picture of him with the Easter bunny or Santa?

Note to Charlie
Dear Charlie, Come Christmas time if you don't want to sit on Santa's lap Moppy is going to remember yesterday and just let it go and not force you to. I love you my sweet boy! Today and Always.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Friday Daddy took some time off work to join us
on a trip to the Science Center to see Sue the
T-Rex. Charlie loves dinosaurs and I wanted
him to see this exhibit. In the lower lever
they have an animated T-Rex that Charlie did
not like what so ever. He asked Daddy to take him
to see fossil's. Other then the exhibit which had all
kinds of crafts for kids to do there wasn't much for
Charlie to do they had changed things allot since
my last visit. Plus it was packed! We had hoped by
going on a week day that it would be real crowed,
talking to a greeter on the way out she told us that
they had 2200 school kids there.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Hungry... naaa I just like playing with the light

Well I thought having a bottom freezer would keep
Charlie out of the fridge for a while longer.... I was wrong!!

Note the wheel barrel... every toy just become a tool to this kid.