Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Does anyone really read this thing?

I know some of my friends from the MeetUp group and my Sister ... But I wonder if more then a handful do check it, guess it don't matter because even if nobody read it I would still do it. Someone said that a friend of theirs had their Blog printed and turned into a book,
I will have to check into this!
Head Hurts, Can't Sleep and it's Rainy and Nasty out!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Little Man

Charlie was standing in the living room eating licorice and it hits me he isn't my baby anymore, when did he get so big? Today that sweet little bundle I bought home is now 22 months old. He talk's, using sentances and can point out shapes and colors when he wants to! Next thing I know he'll be starting preschool!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Just Chillin'

Charlie is feeling better!!!!!!!

The Sun will come out tomorrow... well maybe not!

Looks like we will have a wet yucky weekend, I was hoping it would be nice since we been in the house all week with Charlie sick. He seems much better then last Friday and 100 % better than last Saturday.

My hope's for next week:

We make it to some play dates
We get to go to swim lessons
Chaz's mom gets better
Leave for Michigan

Other happenings:

Paula is going to have her Baby very soon and I am so happy for her, I hope Ella enjoys her new little sister.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rough Night

Charlie did NOT want to sleep last night! I am whipped and at 9 told Chaz that he needed to take Charlie so I could get some sleep, which he did but Charlie came in a few times. At midnight Chaz brought him in and I fought with him for 20 minutes till he fell asleep but that only lasted till 3 and he was up screaming again , Daddy came to the rescue again around 4 ,He laid down with Charlie on the couch and I went back to bed. I was feeling kind of guilty about it but it has been pretty rough lately and I was afraid if I didn't get some rest I would end up sick. Not sure when they came in to bed but Charlie was screaming again at 7.... a rough night! Charlie and Daddy are both sleeping now, I'm not sure when I need to wake Chaz but I am guessing I better soon.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Doctor today...

Well he said that the cough is going to be around this week but hopefully the fever will be gone tomorrow or the next day, The steroids and breathing treatments at the Hospital helped short term and with his distress then now we just have to let the virus run it's course. But that if he is breathing funny again to take him back to the ER, and if we had any question or concerns call him tonight. I am suppose to call tomorrow afternoon with an update.

Public Puking

Well this happen to us for the first time last night, Charlie hadn't had a fever all day and we wanted Dinner (went to 54th street for some soup) and Charlie asked for some ice cream so we took him to Culver's well he was coughing and said he was done so I wiped him down and was going to walk around with him while daddy ate his (Daddy hadn't started yet because he had to take a phone call), then it happened he was sick all over me, himself and the floor I rushed to the bathroom where he got sick some more then outside to tell Chaz get off the phone and get my stuff from inside we had to go... I striped Charlie to his diaper and put him in his car seat and waited for Chaz then I took off my shirt and rode home in just my sports bra. He was up till a little past 11 then a little after 2 he had another coughing spell, back to bed a bit after 5 and back up at 7. But the night we spent at the hospital he slept like a rock! Going to see Dr. Sommers this afternoon. Guess swim lessons are out for this week maybe we can catch the second half next week.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

We're home

Charlie is much better then he was yesterday!! He will still need to take it easy for a few days but at least he can breath now.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Wedding is off

Well at least for us...Charlie has the croup and we are spending the night at the hospital tonight. He has seemed much better since they admitted him, they want to watch him tonight. The doctor just stopped in and said we will most likely be discharged early in the morning. It been a very long day and I hope tonight will be better then last.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby's got a bug.....

Well this is a huge beetle Chaz found in the yard but that's not what this is about...
It's 90 out and Charlie has picked up a bug somewhere he has a fever and a cough but other then that he is my normal Monkey Boy. We didn't go to the park but we did run to the outlet mall where I finally found a dress for the wedding, but now it looks like we may not be going if Charlie is still sick.

My Sick Boy

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why oh Why....

is it on those days when you have the most you want or need to get done that your sweet lovable toddler becomes the devil himself?

We had a bad day today....let's just say I need an outfit for a wedding this weekend and I still don't have one.


Yesterday we went with our Meetup group to Chesterfield Mall to ride the Carousel by a happy coincidence they happen to be having a free kids event with a Characterist, Balloon guy, food and an kids entertainer.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Back to the three of us...

Well Big brother Ryan had to go back to Michigan today so we are once again a three some. Charlie fell asleep on the away to the airport so he didn't get a chance to say bye to his brother. I know the other night Ryan stayed at Grandma's and the next morning Charlie was asking where he was, so I wonder how he will be the next few days...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Family Photo

Yesterday we poped into Kiddie Kandids to get Charlie's 21 month picture and a Family Photo done while Ryan was in town. It went great... I am going to start requesting that Love does Charlie's picture's she always gets him to smile and we are done in like 15 min.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sleepy Boy

We didn't get home from the Fair till almost 10 (we stopped by Grandma Nancy for a few minutes on the way home). Chaz and I both figured that Charlie would be asleep long before we got home but he wasn't. When we got in I changed Charlie into his Pj's and we all settled into bed but Charlie had something else on his mind and started screaming and saying chicken so I got up with him so he could have something to eat. He wanted cottage cheese then a hot dog and some chips and I gave him a piece of banana, I did not turn on the TV I wanted to go to bed. I decided to check my email and the Meetup post while he ate and when I looked up a few minutes later this is what I seen: Note the fork in hand!

Scary Moment!!

Last night we went to The Lincoln Co. Fair, Of course there were lots of Farm animals around and Charlie was loving it and they had rides and Charlie seemed to want to ride them so he went on the cars Daddy put him with a little girl, the ride went well beside Charlie wouldn't look at me to get his picture. Then we moved on to some dogsand Moppy rode with him. Charlie wanted to ride the
Cars again so Moppy took him over and put him in Buckled his seat belt, stood and watched him for a little awhile and he was just playing with the wheel and pushing the button so I figured it was safe to go on and let him ride. Well the ride starts and he is doing OK and then it happened he leaned out and was hanging out of the car upside down, I am screaming "he's falling out" and the guy running it just kinda looks at me then I think it hits him what I am saying and he is looking but Charlie goes right by him at this point Chaz sees what is going on and reaches over the rail and and is holding Charlie's Head the man running the ride rushes in and sit's him back up. Katie then gets on the ride with Charlie and that ends Charlie riding any rides alone!!! Katie and Miranda just love Charlie and didn't mind that their friends were at the fair they gladly stepped up to ride the rides with Charlie. Miranda was going to take Charlie on the dragons but it ended up just to small and before she could get off the ride started and she was stuck on the kiddie ride but she was a very good sport and smiled for the pictures! Charlie was in love with the Carousel. It didn't have horse's but it had a monkey and he wanted to ride it again and again. We did ride it a couple of times but then when the line started to get long enough that who couldn't just get back on we moved on. They had a petting zoo where Loren helped Charlie feed a baby Camel. That was our excitement at the fair. Please checkout my Web albums for more
pictures from the fair.
Oh and I should tell you that Charlie was unhurt or even bother by all the fuss heck I think he thought it was fun!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Two Milestone's

Charlie can now open doors and take the tops off of bottles!! Both lead to trouble and messes!

I have decided I need to start carrying my mid size camera again, yes the pocket one is nice and easy but I just don't seem be be getting the quality photo's that I have in the past. I would say 90% of the picture's I took in Michigan were blurry or just grainy.

Here is a cute picture of Charlie wearing Moppy's glasses....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back home...

I was ready and not ready to come home! They sent my Nana home from the rehab center while I was in town which I guess was good timing so I could help Mom get her settled in. If I wouldn't of been there my sister Michele would of had to come from Ohio to help which would a long drive, costly and my nephew would of been so bored. Thankfully when Aunt Dee moved out she left a bunch of toys so Charlie had plenty to keep him entertained. I will post some picture's from the trip soon.

Charlie news... he is now saying things like "i get/got it" "that's mine" "candy please" and has gone from calling me mama to mommy to mom... I'm very sad about this ....not sure why it bugs me but it does plus daddy is still daddy!!