Friday, February 28, 2014

Need to Blog more!!

Charlie won second place in his den at the pinewood derby!!

My Blue eyed girl!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Evie 3 month's old Pictures

Running a little behind with Evie's 3 month picture's, but it has been so cold I hate taking her out! Then to find a day when she isn't really gassy and fussy is hard too.  This week we had a few really good days but did not make it out so on Friday I was determined to get the picture's done. Well the morning started off okay but then about 8:30 Evie became very unhappy and was screaming her poor little head off. So I thought well there goes the picture's for another few days. After a little over an hour of being a very unhappy princess Evie finally fell asleep!! She took a short nap then woke up all smiles. So I jumped into picture mode. Called the JCP in Dardenne Prairie but they didn't have any spots open till 5PM. So I called the Mid Rivers location. I hit the jackpot!!!! I had bought a groupon so you have to call make an appointment and tell them you have a Groupon. Well the Lady that answered was Toni and right off she was very nice and told me that my Groupon was upgrade able and gave me those details we talked for a few minutes about 

outfits, ect.  When I hung up I hoped she would be the one taking Evie's picture! When we arrived Toni was finishing up with another family and was with us within minutes. She showed me background and she talked to Evie. She sat up for our picture's and was just awesome all around! Evie decided not to give us ant of her big smiles but I love the pictures!! I plan on having Toni doing all our pictures from now on! When Evie became fussy she got down on the floor and talked to her and made silly sounds, she did not just stand there.  Okay now the other important fact about these picture's ... the dress Evie is wearing my mother-in-law bought when she was pregnant with my husband because she was sure she was having a girl. So the dress is a few years old. I must say .....It looks fabulous on my baby girl!! 

More poses to come around the 13th!!

Nerd Hoarding

Charlie likes Nerd Rope candies and I did not know that he picks off the "interesting" ones  and keeps them. He said this is his Nerd collection... silly boy!