Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today we met some friends at Playtime Party Center where Charlie showed them to go down the slide head first. For some reason Carter would stick about half way down, I thought for sure he was going to flip head over heals. It had been a while since we seen some of our friends because of the heat and then Charlie being sick.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wedding fun...

well now that Charlie is over what ever bug he had and Chaz is starting to feel better we are getting back to normal life around here. Last night we attended Chaz's Cousin's Wedding... once again from the moment we arrived Charlie wanted to go home but as we came home he wanted to go back.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Feeling better... oops camera was on night shot.

Charlie was sick!!

Runny a very high Fever...the only way the fever was staying down from 104 and above was with both Motrin and Tylenol ever couple of hours. We took him to the ER Saturday, they gave him some IV fluids and did some blood work but came back with nothing. Said it must be Viral. Sunday he was still running a fever and we thought about taking him back but then while he napped his temperature was normal and I thought the fever finally broke. After nap he crept back up, then yesterday morning he was back at 103.2 so I called Dr. Sommer's office and we headed in there at 11. Dr. Sommer's found pus in his left ear and say that it might of been secondary to the fever. So he is now on antibiotics and Motrin/Tylenol for his fever. Which since yesterday afternoon seems to be very low grade!Notice the tape and gauze still on his IV site and the Id bracelet around his ankle... he would not let us remove either. Finally Sunday night durning a bath I was able to remove the tape, witch resulted in a huge melt down. He still has the ID Bracelet.

Friday, June 19, 2009

First time to the Movie Theater

So we were planning on going to Six Flag while Ryan was here but of course Mother Nature had to throw a wrench into the plans and Heated up St. Louis (heat index's of 101) so we decided to go see the movie UP. This was Charlie first time seeing a movie on the big Screen. He kept telling us during the movie he wanted to go home, then when it was time to go home he wanted to see another movie.

Oh and I have to tell what Daddy did.... for some reason when he bought tickets he bought 4 Adults and one Child.... For Himself, Me, Ryan, and Charlie. I count 3 adults 1 child! Well the kid that riped the tickets was no help and said sorry. So I thought great we have to eat a $10.00 ticket. Ask Chaz why he bought 4 adult tickets he said because that what we needed, then after a millisecond it hit him. He was unhappy with himself i belive the word he used was idiot. I see a customer service desk and ask the ladies sitting there if there is anyway we can get our Money back. They say Chaz will have to go to the box office but the will give his Money back. Yahoo! Well he had to wait for the manger but we didn't eat an extra ticket.

Charlies has Boo boo...not for the weak stomached!!!

This afternoon Charlie took off running from me and ran right into our dresser which has these awful pointy corners.

after this picture he jumped up clapping his hands yelling "yeaah"

Brother's in town...

plus Great Aunt Rhonda and Great Uncle John came out for a visit too, so it was a good chance to snap a few pictures of them.

Auntie Rhonda, Ryan, Charlie, Uncle John and Chaz

Our Boys

Uncle John, Charlie and Chaz

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sucker holder

When we go to the bank Charlie always gets a sucker or two. The ladies at the bank if not busy all come to talk to us, well they were giggling and when I turned around this is what I saw. Charlie had stuck his sucker into his straw and was eating it from there... where does he come up with this stuff??

Monday, June 15, 2009

A HUGE Milestone!!!

While in Michigan Charlie and I spent our first night away from each other actually it was two nights. He stayed at his Aunt Dee's, by his request!! The first night he asked I said no but he could tomorrow night (because I didn't have cloths and stuff for him) The whole next day he asked when he was going to Lyssa's (Dee's Daughter) to stay and sleep. Due to some unforeseen circumstances it was about 8:30 before I could drop him off. I droped him off and went home to eat leftover China King and get some sleep. I did think I would get a call saying he wanted his mommy but the phone never rang. The next morning I went to pick him up and he cried he didn't want to go... so I left him there for the day while I ran some errands. That afternoon I did drag him away from Aunt Dee's but he went back later that night and spent a second night and again in the morning didn't want to leave but had too since we all need to get ready for our family get together and Aunt Dee was not feeling well.

Aunt Dee did tell me some funny things....

Night One:

She had to go out of the room for a few minutes and when she came back Charlie and Lyssa were in the fridge helping themselves to some pizza which the then took off running to Lyssa's bedroom with.

Charlie went to sleep on the couch and Dee wanted to move him to the bedroom so she knew she would hear him if he got up and when she picked him up he looked at her and said "no Dee no"
not once but twice!

Night Two:
Dee went in Lyssa room find Charlie just sitting on the bed when she asked what he was doing the following conversation took place:

C- I'm sad
D-why are you sad Charlie
C- I miss my Mommy
D- It's OK to miss Mommy but it's OK to have funny here to

and he went back to playing

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A day with Grappy

Since Gramppy was working allot, did my brakes and Charlie spent two night at Dee's we didn't get too spend much time with him so I decided to stay an extra day for time with Gramppy... well lets say it didn't go the way we planned. Charlie fell asleep while waiting for our lunch at Applebee's and then slept for 3 1/2 hours. When he finally woke up we took him to the park where he informed us he wanted to go home. So we thought we would try another park which he played at for about twenty minutes the told us it was time to go. We stopped by Aunt Dee's to say goodbye, when we pulled up he told me "I don't like this house" mind you this is the sane house that he didn't want to leave just a day ago!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Derrick's Graduation

A good excuse for a trip on my cousin graduated from high school. Congrats Derrick!! There are not many chance when all my dad's siblings get together and this was one time that everyone was there it was great to see the family and for them to meet Charlie and Lyssa!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Uncle Jonathon and Aunt Debbie's

Debbie has the picture's of Lyssa and Charlie on some of her profiles and people think that they are her and Jon's Kids. So Debbie asked for some "Family" photo's. It went better then some of our photo sessions with Charlie. They didn't thinks so!

Bubble Fun at Aunt Dee's

Suppose to be napping...

after a battle over nap time Charlie had became quite
so I thought he was finally asleep... I was wrong!!

Rockin n Rollin at Aunt Dee's

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Road to Michigan

On the way to Michigan we stopped in Ohio to visit Aunt Mich and cousin Timmy. We had a great afternoon and evening with them!! Charlie had woke up at 3:30 in the morning

and only slept for about half an hour in the car, so of course just as we were going to dinner he fell asleep. He did wake up to eat but then had a melt down while shopping.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Can you see "wild" Elk in MO?

YES you can!!! At a wonderful park called Lone Elk State Park, it is mainly a drive though park but they do have a few hiking trails. They also have a Bison area but we didn't see any, maybe next time. We were heading out to Valley Park for a Graduation party (Congratulations Cathrine!!) just about 3 miles from this park so we figured we would check it out.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Yesterday afternoon we took Cousin Katy and went for a hike at Cuivre River State Park. We used bug spray and still had ticks when we got home.Tick count...Chaz 4 or 5, Katy 2, Charlie 1, and Moppy 0. I think the news was right when they said it is going to see lots of ticks this year!!

Silly Face

A little blurry...sorry!