Friday, May 31, 2013

Our Fisherman...

Yesterday we wanted to take Charlie and his buddy Kai fishing while we were camping.  They messed around some at the pond at the camp ground. Then we decided to head to Mark Twain Lake to take them fishing. Charlie had bought a lure and we kept telling him that he would never catch anything with that. In the two times we had been fish prior he caught 8 fish once and 2 the second time using worms  and Daddy nor Moppy have ever had luck when using lures. So after driving around looking for a spot and then spending an hour finally finding a bait shop.  We were put onto a little know honey hole.  Where we thinking that Charlie could mess with his lure but when he started seeing Kai catch fish with worms he would changes his mind.  Well things didn't go the way we thought they would! Each of the boys caught two fish, see picture's below......

He is how Chaz explains what happened:  My six yr old completely disregarded everything I told him to do and caught not one but two of these on a lure I told him would not work in this pond within about 30 minutes of fishing after I wasted an hour trying to find some nightcrawlers. The kid watches every episode of Swamp People and River Monsters and claims to be Jeremy Wade's "biggest fan". Apparently, he's learned something about fishing.

Charlie's first fish caught today

Kai's first catch of the day.

The boys celebrating Kai's catch!

Kai's Second catch of the day!

Charlie's second catch of the day!!
It was great having Kai with us the boys get all so well and enjoy spending time together! They were happy for each other's  catches while fish. They switched poles for a while but oddly neither had luck when using the different bait. May of been they were just done with the fishing by then, who knows.  We came home early from our trip due to storms but the boys asked when we could go again so I am pretty sure that means they had a good time!!

Oh and if you ask Charlie what he's fishing with he'll tell you  "Artificial Bait AKA hard bait"
Just a fishin'

Reeling in his second fish.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Charlie has become a huge fan of fishing! We went again last night. This time we went over to Busch Wildlife Conservation Area and Daddy rented a row boat. Charlie caught 2 fish. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Give a gift to Mommy

Last night  Charlie declared it was give a gift to Mommy night.  He went out and picked me some flowers.  Then kept saying "Daddy it's give a gift to Mommy night and you have no gift for Mommy, but I do."  Sure do you love that kid!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Yep this is my blog, So I can complain here if I want too!!

So sick of being nauseated!! I really wish this faze/stage would  pass!!

Dear Little Prince or  Little Princess,

I  love you bunches already!! I can hardly wait for that day when I will finally get to hold you in my arms.  I am starting to feel your movements more and more and am very excited about that! Your big brother Charlie and Daddy  are so excited and eager to meet you too!

Love Always and Forever, Moppy

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Today I took Charlie to a friends house to go fishing. They have a nice stocked pond! He was so excited he caught his first real fish ever! Actually he caught 8 and Moppy caught 4.  and i lost count of how many we caught but the got off the line before we could reel  them in. All were  released back into the wild.  Charlie also fell int the pond and  though he lost his fishing pole, but when the bobber finally came up i hooked it then pulled the line until the pole surfaced!