Sunday, June 22, 2014

Twilight Camp

Last week we spent our evenings at Cub Scout Twilight Camp. It was HOT but it was lots of FUN!! 

Power was out...

so the only entertainment till we thought about the nook, nabi, cell phone and the mifi was looking out at the rain...

Monday, June 9, 2014


Charlie- Mom how is it decided if you a boy or a girl?
Mom- It is in you DNA. It is decided when the sperm and egg meet.
Charlie- So I have more Of Dad in me?
Mom - Not really,  It is part of your Genes.
Charlie- But I don't like Jeans. Oh wait so Evie has to wear a tutu? Okay, thanks!
And he ran off.......

Tiger Cub to Wolf Cub

Yesterday of the end of the year celebration for our Cub scout pack. Charlie is now a wolf cub and finally received a bunch of belt loops we worked to earn. It was a fun filled day!!
Playing tag

Picked a flower for Moppy


Drinking Tiger blood (v8 juice) to become wolf cub

Receiving belt loops 

Wolf Cub and his belt loops!!

Playing Ultimate , earning another belt loop!

Thumbs up to a team mate


Evie is 8 months old

 She loves loves to eat, if you have something to eat she wants it!!  Crawls at turbo speed, cruises along holding on to anything and everything she can! Is starting to stand not holding onto anything for seconds each day, walking is in our near future. I am afraid! She is a babbler to which I am sure means she will turn into a talker. I think her hair color you would call light brown with red highlights but I'm not sure and her eyes are a beautiful blue!  She is Momma girl and is starting to be okay going to others for a short amount of time. If i leave her in the living room floor and walk to another room she will crawl crying to find me. She thinks she must have eyes on me at all times!! So thankful to have my little princess in my life!!! Monthly basket picture to come later today or maybe tomorrow....

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Need to Blog more!!

You know I thought this was going to be easy having two kids. I was so wrong!! Charlie helps but Evie is a fussy Momma's girl! It is a little better with school out cause I don't have to juggle feeding Evie while packing Charlie lunch and making sure he gets ready for school on time in the morning but some days are harder then other's!! Here's what my loves are looking like these days....