Saturday, July 27, 2013

Our little money maker....

We have the only kid I know that can go to Walmart and come out with more money in his pocket then he walked in with..... Earlier today Charlie and I where shopping at Walmart and we go down the bread isle and there are three people stocking the bread,they are cutting up and having a good time. There is a older man and a younger man that are joking back and forth, when the younger man says to the older man I was always taught to respect my elder's. The older man turns to me and says Ma'am  f you hit him with your cart I'll pay you a dollar. I told him sorry I can not do that but he may be-able to convince Charlie too. He tells Charlie if you hit that man with your cart I'll give you two dollars! He then moves the bread cart out of the way, Charlie takes the cart and go for it just barely touching the man with the cart and the man gave him two bucks! All of the Adults around had a good laugh!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013