Monday, November 30, 2009

Back home...

for Thanksgiving we went to Palm Coast , FL to visit our friends the Abernathy's (Larry and Pam), we hadn't seen them in almost a year so it was great to see them! Along our travels we stopped in to visit cousin Ron and Linda, in GA to see Biggin' and Becky and the last stop was in Piggott AR to visit The Watson's Betty and Buckley. In all I think it was 2760 miles. I have lots of pictures to share....

Osage orange throwing in TN....

Cool Homemade Toy given to Charlie by a very nice Grandfatherly man that lives down the street from Ron and Linda !!!

Piggly Wiggly(Charlie didn't want his picture taken)


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Craft

Well tonight while Daddy was at School Charlie and Moppy made some Turkey's. I wanted to do something different the the trace hands and cut out so this is what I came up with and we had fun making them....

Dinner Party

This past Saturday we were invited to go to Carter's house for dinner, Carter being Charlie Pal who he begs to see. Carters mom Jen is my friend and his Daddy Jason and Chaz get along to so it is always a great time when we get to spend some time together! We had a wonderful dinner and very much enjoyed hang out after dinner talking while the boys played most of the time good together but we did have a few moments of tears. All I can say is 5 hours flew by , Thanks so much for having us! At the very end of the evening when the boys were whipped I pulled out the camera and got a few shots...
Yummy Carrot...
Carter watching TV... I tease Jen that he's and old man trapped in a kids body...

The boys watching some cartoons ... It was funny because Charlie would try and sit by Carter and he would run to the other end of the couch A little help from a friend.... Charlie helping Carter climb over the back of the couch.

Jen... your glowing I had to post it!

Jason and Chaz working on some computer stuff...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Charlie was in washing his hands and yells out to me... "Mommy I have a surprise for you"... I start down the hall and see he has the hand towel... I figure great he's soaked it and is now dripping water all down the hall... he throws it to me and tells me "Happy Birthday" my gift a wet wash cloth wrapped in the hand towel
Well yesterday we took a drive to Washington, MO ... because this is the closest place that I could find that had to H1N1 Vaccine available for Charlie. (Thanks to my Friend Jen for sharing her search information!) Jen and her family went Friday and they had to wait two hours so Jen gave us the heads up on that too.... so we headed out prepared for a long wait. Much to our surprise when we arrived at the Walgreen's Take Care Clinic there was no one waiting! It took about 20 minutes for the check in and to get the shot but then we were on our way.... Charlie was grouchy after this at times and other times he was silly... I thought he was very cute sitting there with his sucker hanging out of his mouth so I wanted to snap a could pictures well Charlie didn't want his picture taken at all!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

4 Wheeling with Grampy

This is from last month when we were in MI.

I am so proud and excited that my Nephew lettered in Football!! and I have learned that this is a even bigger deal since he is sophomore!! Way to go Timmy!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fun at Playtime

So it had be a long time since I seen my Friend Debbie, so last night I sent her a note to see if her and the kids were free today and could join us at Playtime for some fun. They were so we met at 10 and it we had a great time with Debbie, Amber, Parker and Tyler!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bush Wildlife area

For A while now I could see this lovely rocky area from the highway and wanted to check it out. On our last attempt Charlie fell asleep as we drove to the park so the plan was scrapped but this afternoon with the fabulous 76 degree weather we headed to the park and enjoyed a walk and a little rock climbing or at least a little rock walking.

I think he likes Tom and Jerry...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Excited to be at the Zoo

Conversation's with Charlie lately....

On November 1st-

Charlie came to me and said I have something in my nose
Moppy-what do you have in your nose?
Charlie- I have candy in my nose... I look in his nose and can see an orange nerd.

Today October 6th-

Moppy- Charlie are you excited about going to the Zoo with Molly and Norah today?
Charlie- Yes we can Hot Dogs and Pop
Moppy- Maybe we can do that for lunch
Charlie- That's good ideal , yes that's a very good ideal

Oh and while in MI he referred to the Condo as the Condor

Thursday, November 5, 2009


This evening while Daddy was at school we met Charlie's buddy Carter and his Mommy (Jen) and the park. Charlie has been begging to play with Carter, so I am very glad they could join us! It was great to see them, but sadly we for got to pick up Carters Rocket launcher before we headed off on a walk and someone swiped it , how could you steal some little kid's toy?

The Boys also had a great time playing in the creek....

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

For over a month we heard from Charlie that he wanted to go Trick or Treating and what he was going to be for Halloween. He would ask just about everyone he came in contact with what they were going to be for Halloween and if they didn't know he would tell them what they were gonna be. It was extremely cute how he wished people all over a Happy Halloween as we left a store or a friends house.

On the 30Th they had trunk or Treating at his school he was all geeked up about it when we arrived heck it was more then Trunk or Treating they had a DJ and crafts, story time, and all kinds of stuff going on. He would look at all the ghoulish decorations people set up in their cars and exclaim that's cool but he hated the music which made him ready to go home. He did have a good time and was thrilled with all his goodies when we arrived home.

Halloween night.... Charlie , Daddy and our Neighbor's were all going out while Moppy stayed home to pass out our treats. Well they headed out and a while later the were coming back down out side of the street and Charlie cam running up to me telling me we had to get inside that it was getting dark out, I told him that's OK it's Halloween and that part of the fun is being out after dark. Well some how he decided that I needed to go Trick or Treating with him so Daddy had to stay and pass out. I am glad i did go because some of the folks in the neighborhood had some great decoration, wish I would of took the camera! We made it a little while and Charlie just kept telling me we needed to get home that it was dark out so I told our friends good night and we headed home. Charlie and Daddy heading in while I said out passing out our treats. Their were lots of kids out and seem to be not allot of people passing out. But when our goodies were gone I headed in and truned out the light, we did have one group stil ring the bell.

Pumpkin Factory (10/28)

we were blessed with another nice day to enjoy with Aunt Dee and Lyssa Lynn, so we were going to go to a corn maze but when we arrived they were closed so we head over to the Pumpkin Factory. The kids had a great time playing on the play equipment, moving pumpkins around and re organizing them, walking though the little spook house and a private hay ride. Charlie wanted a hayride so I told him he had to go talk to the lady and find out when they started....
Charlie- what time do you hay rides start? when can I hay ride?
Lady- well we usually start when a bunch of people want to go for a ride.
Charlie- What time is the hay ride?
Lady- Do you really want to go on a hay ride?
Charlie-yes, please
Lady- 15 minutes and I will meet you at the tractor.

So we walked around and played somemore till time for the hay ride.

Great Great Uncle Connie's (10-25-09)

One of Charlie favorite things to do when at Granny and Grampy's is to feed Uncle's horse's. I can't find my little camera which has some video on it but on our last night there, we went over feed the horse's, climbed on a huge branch that had broke on a pine tree and looked for creepy crawly night creatures(Charlie's words).

Widerness Trails Zoo Visit number two (10/25)

One morning we woke up and there was this amazing warming glow in the sky... known more commonly as the sun. So we took advantage and headed to Wilderness Trails Zoo. It is a little pricey but it got us out enjoying some nice weather and getting some outdoor excise. We pretty much had the place to ourselves until the end of our visit. Charlie loves Zoo's and this is the closest one to Granny and Grampy's.