Saturday, January 31, 2009

I think I need some help!!

Here is it January 31st and I am looking at some of the picture's from the last month and I just realized we are one month into 2009 and I have already taken 1298 pictures...please do not tell Chaz. He told me when I went digital he would never complain about how many pictures I took but he seemed unhappy about how many I took last year... said I took like an average of 33 picture's a day or something like that. But I just don't want to forget a second of Charlie growing up. I think when I was pregnant with him he robbed me of my memory because I cannot seem to remember things like before I was pregnant. Plus it really bums me out that almost all the picture's from my childhood were lost in a couple of fire's. All the copies my grandparents had burned with their house and then my parents all burnt up in a shed fire. I know it isn't rational at all!! Plus I just love taking picture's!!! Getting that great shot that just makes all the thoughts and feelings of a moment in time come rushing back to you. I may need help but I really do not want help... so maybe Chaz will learn or just pretend to understand that I have an addiction to photography.

Well here are few picture's from today....

Friday, January 30, 2009

Museum of Transportation

We joined our friends for a visit at the Museum of Transportation today, this was Charlie and my first visit. Daddy and I had talked about going last summer but we never made it. Today we were going to visit their Creation Station which is a room with all kinds of fun things for kids to play with all with the theme of transportation. I did not realize we would be able to walk around and look at/go in some of the trains or I would of wore a thicker jacket and made sure Charlie had gloves. So a little chilled we walked around and check out the trains which Charlie loved!! He did not want to leave and he did not really want to go to the creation station but enjoyed it once he got inside. We look foreword to returning with daddy on a warmer day!!

My Little Monkey

Everyone knows I call Charlie a monkey well here is the I fear he will be a mountain climber! On a side note...Guess I did a pretty good job installing the curtain since it held him.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Me shovel!!

I needed to go to the bank today so I thought I would/could sneak out and do some shoveling while Charlie watched Curious George. Well this worked for a little while but I was busted sneaking a peek to make sure he was still in the living room at which point we had a melt down... crying that "me shovel with you" and "I want to dig" Moppy really need a break so I persuaded Charlie to finish watching George and after that we would go outside. That worked and the second George was over Charlie was over putting his boots on saying "we go outside now George done" Well that was the deal so we got bundled up and head out for a while. I did get the drive done but no thanks to Charlie who thought it was fun to knock all the snow from the piles back onto the driveway! Then I promised we would go out again after nap time. I really got to stop promising such things! Because right after nap Charlie was ready... I was able hold him off for a bit and back out we went at 2:30.

Well I got two hands...

so I need a sucker for each hand!

and heck why not another one just for good measure....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Daddy and Charlie shoveling

Charlie throwing snow

I've fallen and can't get up "help daddy"

My little Devil makes his first Snow Angle

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playing at the park


Well not much has been going on we have had a kinda cold on and off and it's been a bit cold, plus our Playdate friends have had colds. So we been spending allot time at home. Here are a few picture's from last week when we had a warm day and went to the park

Friday, January 23, 2009

Take a slide ride with Charlie

"No, I want go to doctor"

This is what Charlie was crying as we went into the Hairy Elephant to get his hair cut today. I cannot believe he much ratters go to the doctor where he last got a shot then get a haircut. I knew he was not going to go easy since when we talked about it this morning he said "no hair cut".
my not so happy boy

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last Night we attended Sesame Street Live-- Elmo's Green Thumb...

I think Moppy was the most excited even if daddy did put on a good show. Thankfully Charlie recouped form his little bug in time for us to attend!! We met our friends Norah, Molly and Dan there. The show and the seats were GREAT!! Allot of the characters came down and interacted with the kids! The frist to come around us was Zoe and Charlie wanted no part of it but warmed up as the show went on! Prairie Dawn just about fell into Dan's lap! Unfortunately because they do so as the show is going it is very quick interaction and I didn't get any great photo's. Both Charlie and Norah had their first snow cone which were a big mess and left us with blue lips, hands and cloths! (which thankfully did come out in the wash but we still have the blue skin) At the end of the night they shot off some confetti cannons which Charlie thought was cool and was going to grab some confetti when they went off again which made him jump back.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Still sick

Charlie's fever hit 106.7 at about 11:30 but then seemed to be almost gone around 4. But today he just hasn't been himself and had a mild fever but as the sun goes down his temperature goes up. Hoping tonight is a better night. Oh you knew he was sick last night when he went and crawled into his bed by himself.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Feeling a bit of Guilt

This morning we went to a PAT event and had allot of fun. Then this afternoon when Charlie woke up from his nap he was bouncing on his bed and laughing but as soon as I looked at him I could tell he had a fever, his cheeks were red and he just looked off to me. Well I was right sadly he was 101.7. Gave him Motrin and hoped it would come down well it did go down to 99.9 but is back up to 102. So now I am feeling guilt of infecting others children today but I didn't know he had a bug when we went so I guess I should let it go. I hope whatever it is goes away quickly since we are supposed to go see Elmo Live Wednesday!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

My little Veterinarian

Today we went to play at Adam's house where Charlie gave their cat a complete check-up...

He also seemed to just want to play alone. If the kids where in one room he would go to another. When everyone went down stairs he wanted to go up stairs. I seem to remember some of the kids that are bit older then him going through the same faze.

Happy Birthday Little Brother!!

Happy Birthday Jonathon!!!

We Love you!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This morning I thought we were going to join our friends at Ihop, but Charlie did not want to go so I gave him a choice Ihop or Playtime. Playtime won and i figured it would help him burn some energy. I was afraid it may be busy since it's so cold but it was not bad at all and Charlie
didn't want to play games he just wanted to play on climbers and slides.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Playing at the Mall

Today we met friends from our playgroup at the mall to play in their play area the head to the food court for some lunch. Charlie and his friend Leah were in rare form the were climbing and hanging on each other. I am pretty sure they were just playing and having fun because they both were smiling and laughing . Sarah (Leah's Mommy) and I both commented about what was with them today.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Big Slide

Twice a year at my gym they have the big slide, this week they had it and Charlie was having a great time!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Indian Summer Day

Mother Nature blessed us with a 60 degree day , so I thought it would be a good ideal to get out and get some fresh air. Charlie has been begging to go to the park and even with me having a bit of a cold I thought it would do us some good. Unfortunately Daddy was not able to join us... bummer! Surprisingly Charlie did not want to play on the playground he wanted to walk and look for sticks and kick leafs. Which was fine by me. It's at time's like that when I see a little bit of me in him. I see so much of Chaz, Chaz's father and Grandmother in Charlie that it is hard to see me in there sometimes.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yummy Apple

Charlie asked for an apple today but did not want it cut up!!

Bath time artwork

Charlie's art work using the bath time
finger paints Granny and Grammpy
gave him for Christmas.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Going Fishing

So Charlie was watching Caillou today and he went fishing with his Daddy and Grandpa... well next thing I know I hear Charlie say "I go fishing" and I look up from my computer to see...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Charlie love's waffles with peanut butter and Jam or preserves. The flavor of the day was Blackberry Jam. Yummy!! Well at least Charlie and Daddy thinks it is good.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jump 4 Fun

This morning we attended Brayden's birthday Party at Jump For Fun. It was Daddy's first visit. We had an great time!! Happy Third Birthday Brayden!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Charlie finally gets to see Animals!

Well since our trip to Animal Kingdom was a bust, we hoped for a favorable day before Daddy had to go back to work for a trip to the Zoo. Well this Tuesday we lucked out it was a beautiful day it was 60 something. So we headed to the Zoo and enjoyed the afternoon very much. I also had the chance to use my Nikon D70 for the first time in a long time, the flash had quit working and I had took it to Creve Coeur Camera for service. They called on Christmas Eve to inform me it was repaired and ready to be picked up.
Christmas morning we flew home, after our flight out we were a bit gun shy and arrived at the airport very early! We did not have a line to wait to check in and skated though security with just a small problem of the stroller getting stuck in the x-ray machine. So we again had a plenty of time to kill at the airport so we went to Ruby Tuesday's for a light breakfast since Grandma Nancy would be fixing us french toast when we arrived home. We found some seats by the window, our plane was sitting their just waiting us to be boarded. While waiting Charlie and walked the moving walk ways and checked out the chocolate shop. After getting boarded the pilot said we would be our way quickly but we would have to go though deicing. All the fights had been packed to this point, this flight was maybe half full. While taxing to the deicing area Charlie fell asleep and slept most of the flight. Our flight was 15 minutes late getting in and it seemed like forever before the luggage came. I think we were just ready to be home!

Christmas Eve

My Family always celebrates Christmas on Christmas eve. This year we had Christmas at a hall , which worked out great with Uncle Jon and Aunt Debbies gifts of power wheels for Charlie and Lyssa!